11 Best Carp Rods In 2024

Last Updated on 30 April 2024 by James Bevan

Best Carp Rods

Large Carp are very powerful and fight exceptionally hard when hooked. As such, choosing the best carp rod for your chosen tactic is hugely important if you are to be successful when fishing for them.

Choosing though can be a daunting task as there are so many on the market.

In this article, I provide some tips on choosing the right carp fishing rod for your specific circumstances and offer some top suggestions that have been fully reviewed.

Let’s get straight into it.

Quick Summary:

If you are stretched for time, here are the carp rods that were top performers in our tests with a quick link to a retailer that offers a great price…

Best OverallDaiwa Infinity X45
Top All-RounderShimano Tribal TX2
Budget OptionDaiwa Black Widow
Best For Casting Long DistancesCentury Stealth Graphene
10-Foot OptionNash Scope Black Ops
Telescopic Carp RodSonik Insurgent Recon
Top Stalking RodESP Onyx Quickdraw
Best For Surface FishingNash Flota Rota
Great For BeginnersFox EOS Pro
Spod RodDaiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod
Marker RodTrakker Propel

If you would like more detail on these rods and why they are considered the best you can skip straight to the reviews below:

The Different Types Of Carp Rod

Carp fishing involves many different tactics to catch carp. These differing methods sometimes involve unique features and designs on a carp rod to make them perform effectively.

Let’s take a look at some different types of rods available and what they are used for:

General Carp Fishing Rods

When I refer to general carp fishing rods, I mean the bog-standard rods that we catch carp with. These aren’t specialised in any way and are designed to handle different tactics and fishing situations.

Distance Fishing Rods

Specifically designed for long-range casting, distance fishing rods are built with a stiffer action and longer length to help anglers reach those far-off spots where carp might be feeding. They provide the power and accuracy needed to cast heavy leads and rigs over considerable distances.

The type of water where distance rods may be used

Telescopic Rods

Telescopic carp rods are compact and portable, as they can be easily collapsed and extended. They are ideal for anglers on the move or those fishing in tight spaces where a longer rod isn’t practical. Despite their collapsible design, the better telescopic rods still offer good performance and durability.

Stalking Rods

Perfect for close-quarters carp fishing, stalking rods are shorter in length and provide excellent manoeuvrability and control.

They allow anglers to travel light in search of carp that can be seen around the margins or a short distance out. They are also perfect for tight, overgrown swims that require a stealthy approach.

Surface Fishing Rods

Surface fishing rods are specifically designed for anglers who enjoy the excitement of fishing for carp on the top.

These rods tend to have a softer action with a lighter test curve as they are more designed to fish closer in with lighter, floating baits.

Spod Rods

Spod rods are specialised tools used for accurately baiting up an area. These rods are designed to cast out spod rockets or spombs, which are bait-dispensing devices used to distribute large quantities of bait.

Spod rods are typically longer and have a powerful action to handle the weight of the spod and the bait payload.

What Is A Spod Rod - Main Image

A spod rod being used to cast out a spomb full of loose bait

Marker Rods

Marker rods are used for finding features and mapping out the underwater topography of a fishing spot. These rods are usually long and have a sensitive tip that can detect subtle changes in the lake or riverbed.

Marker rods allow anglers to accurately cast and retrieve a marker float, enabling them to determine the depth, contours, and features of the fishing area.

What To Look For In A Top Carp Rod

There are 5 key attributes that carp anglers should look for when picking out the best carp rods and these are as follows…

  • The features on the rod
  • Its build quality
  • The casting & feel of the rod in your hand
  • How well a rod plays fish
  • Price and value for money

1. Features

When rating the features of a carp rod we consider the basic components such as the materials used in the blank, handle, reel seat and line guides.

On top of this, we look for additional options that may not be critical to the performance of a carp rod but are still really useful additions that help carp anglers on the bank. Examples of these include line clips, additional hook points, anti-frap eyes and backstops.

One of three hook points on the Nash Flota Rota

Useful features such as the additional hook points on this rod make it stand out from the competition

2. Build Quality

Good carp rods always have a lot of thought applied to the core build of the rod. The materials used in building a rod are fundamental to its core performance and as such this is one area to pay particular attention to before choosing.

The blank material and manufacturing process form the basis of a rod with good build quality. Layered on top of this then are the eyes, the handle and the reel seat that all have to be of substantial quality and well balanced together for the rod to perform well.

3. Casting & Feel

How a rod casts is one of the key fundamentals that determine a great carp rod from a mediocre one. Easy, frictionless casting that provides accuracy are key attributes that make up a high-performing carp rod.

Alongside this, the actual feel of the rod is important. A light blank that is optimally balanced are traits that is always present in the better rods.

4. Playing Fish

The ability to play fish effectively is paramount in carp fishing. We all know carp fight very hard and as such a decent carp rod must have the power to get the fish on the bank safely.

Alongside this though, fishing is a sport, and as such, feeling the pulls, lunges and fight of a carp is an exhilarating feeling that adds to the overall enjoyment of angling. A rod with a great playing action not only will add to an angler’s success but will also elevate their overall experience.

5. Value For Money

How much a carp fishing rod costs is always going to be a key factor in an angler’s final choice. A rod can have all the bells and whistles under the sun but if you have to re-mortgage your house to purchase it then all of a sudden it isn’t the best choice for some.

When rating how much value for money a carp rod brings, consideration is made to how the rod performs in all the other key features vs its price point.

Additional Considerations When Choosing A Carp Rod

Here are some further aspects to consider when picking a carp rod.

Test Curve

The test curve of a carp rod indicates the weight required to bend the rod tip to a 90-degree angle from its resting position. It essentially measures the rod’s resistance and strength, guiding anglers on the size of fish the rod can comfortably handle and the casting distance it can achieve.

Test curves on carp rods tend to vary between 2lb to 4.5lb and generally go up in 0.25lb increments. The higher the test curve, the more powerful the rod is.

Top Tip: – If you need some more help on test curves for carp rods in general you can check out our full carp rod test curve guide and calculator here

Rod Length

Rod length is a critical consideration in carp fishing because it directly affects casting distance, manoeuvrability and its fish playing attributes.

Longer rods, typically around 12 or 13 feet, enable longer casting distances, which is essential when fishing in large waters where carp feed further out.

On the other hand, shorter rods, like the increasingly popular 10-foot option, are easier to handle and more suitable for fishing in tight spaces.

The choice of rod length therefore depends on the specific fishing environment and the angler’s technique, balancing the need for casting range with ease of use and control.


The action of a carp rod refers to how it flexes and responds when under pressure. The tactic you use when carp fishing will determine what action you should choose.

There are 3 types of action for carp fishing rods and these are as follows:

Through Action – Bends evenly across the whole length of the rod

Progressive Action (sometimes called tip to middle) – Bends from the tip to the middle of the rod with the butt section remaining rigid.

Tip Action (sometimes called fast action) – Bends from just the tip with the middle and butt sections remaining solid.

A visual example of the different types of action on a carp rod

The Water You Are Fishing

The water you are fishing affects your choice of carp rod in different ways. For example, a large water where the fish tend to feed further out will require a longer rod with a higher test curve compared to a small pond where you can catch fish in the margins.

A venue with tight swims may warrant a shorter, stalking-type rod and a lake where carp are found feeding on the surface often will suit a specialised surface fishing rod.

The general rule of thumb is to define your fishing tactics and style for the water you are fishing and decide on your rod choice from there.

Top Tip: – It’s equally important when you find a suitable Carp rod for the size of water you are fishing to balance it with a suitable reel. To help you choose you can check out our full and comprehensive guide on the best carp reels here.

Size Of Fish You Are Targeting

This point is fairly self-explanatory but the larger the fish you are pursuing, the more powerful your rod needs to be which in turn affects your choice of length, action and test curve.


Budget is an important factor when choosing a carp rod, as it determines the range of options available to you.

While there are affordable options that provide good value for money, investing in a higher-priced rod often brings enhanced quality and performance.

It’s a balance between finding a rod that fits your financial constraints and meets your fishing needs, with the understanding that sometimes, spending a bit more can lead to a more durable and effective rod.

The 11 Best Carp Rods We Have Reviewed

Now I have covered the basics of choosing a carp rod, let’s get into some credible options that are tried and tested.

These are top picks based on personal experiences and research. I have covered rods that cater for different tactics and budgets.

#1. Best Overall: Daiwa Infinity X45

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating9.4

So, don’t get me wrong, picking the best carp fishing rod out there at the moment, wasn’t easy.

There are a few rods I have reviewed that are worthy of the accolade of being the best.

But for me, the Infinity X45 pips its competition by having the right mix of the sheer quality of materials used, overall balance, subtlety, and power. And all of this is available at a price point that makes you believe it was worth every penny.

Anglers have often asked me, why not the Basia X45, as this is officially Daiwas flagship model?

For me, there are too many similarities between the Infinity and the Basia and with the Infinity X45 coming in at £200 cheaper, you just get better value for money with it.

The rod feels ultra-smooth on the cast with the X45 technology in the carbon, the V-joint technology in the joints and the Seaguide TDG rod rings, all seamlessly coming together. It feels so frictionless that you just think you can cast miles with it.

Playing fish on this rod is just a dream and you can feel every bump and grind with the fight, even over 100 yards out. Despite its subtle feel, at no point did I ever feel like I would potentially be out of control with the fish.

It almost defies the rules of physics, how something so light and subtle could equally contain as much power as it does.

My goto version is the 12 foot 3.25lb test curve as it has a great balance of power and subtlety and I can still hit 130 yards with a 5-ounce lead on a good day! If you need further range then the 3.75lb test curve in 13-foot will push your casting potential further.

In summary, the Infinity X45 is just an amazing carp fishing rod, and with an overall score of 9.4, sits as the best carp rod on the market at this present time.


  • Uses Daiwas V-joint technology
  • Casts amazing distances, particularly the 3.75lb version
  • Rock solid reel seat
  • Beautifully sleek finish to the rod
  • Extremely lightweight yet extremely powerful
  • A real feel of quality in your hands
  • Playing fish feels great


  • It’s not cheap
  • Only available in two test curves

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as of 14 June 2024 05:51

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#2. Best All-Rounder: Shimano Tribal TX2

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating8.6

The Shimano Tribal TX2 Carp Rods have been around for a while now and have proven very popular amongst carp anglers for years.

And for good reason, they are perfect for anglers who want a high-quality, affordable rod that will last a lifetime.

I personally think they are a great all-round carp fishing rod that offers great versatility, especially as the model is available in multiple lengths.

The rod can also adapt to a multiple array of tactics if needed. So if you need to change from fishing 80 yards out on the bottom to 20 yards out on the surface, then you can do so with the TX2. And you can do so at a price that doesn’t match the premium end of the market.

The XT60 carbon blank makes it lightweight and easy to cast and the rod comes with some nice little touches like a soft line clip and a well-thought-out rod pod stopper for extra security.

The TX2 is available in test curves ranging from 2.75lb to 3.5lb. I found the 2.75lb test curve is perfect for stalking or fishing along the margins but lacked the power required for fishing comfortably at medium range.

With the 3.5lb test curve, I was able to cast 80 yards fairly comfortably and still be in control of the fish throughout the fight, so if I had to choose a version of the TX2 as the best I’d say it’s the 12 foot, 3.5lb option but this does depend on your specific needs.

In summary, this is a great, versatile rod at an affordable price and it’s easy to see why it has been such a hit with so many carp fishermen.


  • Thanks to the variety of test curves and lengths the TX-2 comes in, it’s a highly versatile offering suitable for anglers of most abilities
  • The rod pod stopper is a great feature that keeps it nice and secure
  • Well-made and affordable, the TX-2 represents outstanding value for money
  • For its price, it has a great casting action
  • The Rod comes with a protective cloth bag to keep it safe when transported


  • With all the different models available, it’s a shame there isn’t a 3.75lb real distance caster as an option
  • I think the reel seat fittings would have looked better in black but this is a personal preference

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as of 14 June 2024 05:41

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#3. Best Budget Carp Rod: Daiwa Black Widow

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating7.6

The Black Widow is easily one of the most reliable and versatile budget-friendly carp rods out there scoring an overall rating of 7.6 which is better than the average entry-level carp rod.

Despite Daiwa being best known for making elite angling rods, the Black Widow features good build quality and decent performance across the board.

It’s available in a variety of test curves and lengths and so offers a high degree of versatility when picking an option for your specific needs. In general, it’s a very dependable carp rod that is suited to fishing an array of venues.

While the Black Widow doesn’t exactly excel in terms of how it feels in the hand, looks, or performs compared to Daiwa’s elite models, it’s nearly impossible to beat in terms of sheer value for money and as such easily scored highest when reviewing budget priced carp fishing rods.


  • Versatile thanks to different test curves available
  • Reliable budget-friendly carp rod that represents great value for money
  • The carbon blank is nice and lightweight
  • Reasonably powerful, especially in the 3.5lb test curve version
  • Still made with quality materials despite its low price-point
  • Absorbs fish lunges really well under the rod-tip


  • Lacks a degree of subtleness you get with more premium models
  • While respectable, this rod’s performance overall is decent at best, but it’s hard to complain given its price

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#4. Best For Casting Long Distances: Century Stealth Graphene

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating9.4

Created with innovative and award-winning graphene technology, this rod is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

With its beautiful black finish and sleek design, this rod is sure to turn heads on the lake. But that’s not all – the technology doesn’t end there. This rod also features anti-twist technology that reduces line fray, making it easier to cast further and more accurately.

Similar to the Infinity, this rod casts beautifully with the technology and build of the rod allowing power to transfer efficiently where required for optimum distance.

In terms of playing fish, I actually think it performs ever so slightly better than the Infinity X45. It feels so light and effortless to hold, that any slight turn or thud just transposes straight to the handle making the fight exhilarating from start to finish.

The composite compound carbon taper provides a powerful and responsive feel, while the sealed PTFE/silicone low-scratch finish provides durability and keeps the rod in top condition.

I recently used the 13-foot, 3.5lb test curve version on a week’s session in France. The rod performed brilliantly with fish caught to the upper 40lb bracket, fishing with one of my rods at 160 yards.

If you want the potential to cast maximum distances with the Stealth Graphene I would definetly opt for either the 13-foot, 3.5lb version or the 12-foot 3.75lb test curve option.

Century is renowned for producing quality carp rods anyway, but the Stealth Graphene tops them all. If you can afford a set you honestly won’t regret the hefty price tag as they are just a thing of beauty.


  • Titanium stealth finish SiC line guides for really smooth casting
  • Reduced line frap thanks to anti-twist technology
  • Enhanced resin system makes the rod super strong and durable, yet really lightweight
  • A powerful rod yet it has a responsive feel
  • 4 test curve options available


  • One of the more expensive rods on the market
  • The logo is too prominent on the reel seat but this is very much down to opinion and taste

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#5. Best 10-Foot Carp Rod: Nash Scope Black Ops

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating9.2

If you’re in the market for a 10ft carp rod, the Nash Scope Black Ops is definitely one to consider. This premium version of the popular Scope range is a high-quality rod that’s perfect for those who prefer a shorter carp rod or need a specialist rod for stalking carp.

I personally think the Black Ops carp rod is a thing of beauty, with its ALPS reel seat finished in a sleek black coating that provides a solid and custom-looking base for your reel.

It is certainly a unique-looking rod with its pointed, diamond-shaped butt cap and para cord butt grip which may divide the carp angling population slightly, especially with those that prefer a more traditional look to their carp rod.

The rod also boasts a 50mm butt ring and a 16mm anti-frap tip guide, which work together to provide a smooth, accurate, and tangle-free cast. I’m certainly not the best caster but even I was pushing 100 yards with a 4oz lead with this rod.

It’s available in 9 and 10-foot lengths with test curves of either 3 or 3.5lb. I’d recommend the 3.5lb test curve if you are fishing medium to large waters and need that extra oomph for either casting at distance or close to snags.

Overall, this is a quality, premium rod that scored very highly when reviewed and highest rated in the 10-foot rod category.


  • Quality carbon fittings (backstop, line clip)
  • Two piece rod with a retractable butt section, so it packs down very easily
  • 50mm eyes and 16mm anti-frap tip guide make for smooth, effortless casting
  • Blank uses extreme strength high modulus carbon and strengthening cross warp, making it incredibly hardy while staying remarkably lightweight.
  • Rod has a very slick, distinctive ‘stealth’ look
  • Handle’s paracord grip stays in the hand like velcro and is very easy to hold when wet
  • The Scope Black Ops performs exceptionally when stalking carp


  • Limited selection of lengths/test curves available
  • Not ideal for fishing larger venues

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#6. Best Telescopic Carp Rod: Sonik Insurgent Recon

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating7.8

To be brutally honest, if you are looking at the very best telescopic carp rod, then we recommend the Nash Scope Black Ops which we have also mentioned as our top pick for a 10-foot carp rod.

That said and in the interest of providing other options, then look no further than the Sonik Insurgent Recon.

This is a really popular rod amongst carp anglers thanks to its portable, retractable nature and its affordable price point.

The original 2020 model comes in lengths of 9 and 10 feet with the more recent recon model being available in a 12-foot length. This model has a unique design with its double retracting butt section which is one of the key features that make this rod amazing.

For stalking purposes the shorter lengths are perfect but if you need a bit more backbone and casting ability, then the 12-foot ‘recon’ option is just the ticket.

All in all the Insurgent is another really good offering from Sonik with great versatility that doesn’t compromise quality.


  • The rod is a great space-saving option
  • It has a progressive action and I found no flat spots when using it
  • I found it offers a nice feel when playing fish which, in my experience, is rare in a retractable rod
  • It really is a great stalking rod
  • I really like the nice, sleek design and finish to the rod


  • While the Insurgent range of rods excels in space-saving and convenience, I believe anglers who prioritise other aspects such as specialised casting performance or specific, more advanced rod materials may prefer alternative options

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#7. Best Carp Rod For Stalking: ESP Onyx Quickdraw

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating7.7

The ESP Onyx Quickdraw is an adaptation to the original Onyx rods by the ESP team. The retractable butt section makes it an ideal option for stalking carp.

The rod is made from high modulus carbon, which makes it lightweight, responsive, and provides excellent casting capabilities.

The nine-foot model is only 44 inches long when packed away, and the ten-foot model is 50 inches, making it easy to transport and ideal for a roaming approach when stalking carp.

The rod boasts six lightweight minima-style stainless guides, which help to reduce friction and ensure that the line flows smoothly. It also features a SIC anti-frap tip ring, a moulded ESP line clip, and a DPS reel seat that all complement each other nicely.

The full-length Duplon or EVA handle feels solid and is clearly resistant to wear and tear but is also comfortable to hold for long periods which in my eyes is a key feature in a quality stalking rod.

I personally really like the look of the Onyx. It is a thing of beauty and coupled with its robust build and nice touches throughout, it is a rod that ticks many boxes that anglers should look for in a decent carp rod.


  • The rod is compact and portable making it perfect for stalking situations
  • It’s really lightweight which is ideal for a roaming approach
  • It casts surprisingly well thanks to its six lightweight minima-style stainless guides
  • It has some nice additional touches such as the moulded line clip and anti-frap tip ring
  • Available in 9 and 10-foot lengths with a number of different test curve options
  • The rod offers great value for money


  • Not really suitable for casting long distances

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#8. Best Surface Fishing Rod: Nash Flota Rota

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating8.3

Out of all the surface fishing rods reviewed, the 12-foot Nash Flota Rota takes pole position with an overall rating of 8.3.

This specialised rod blends casting power and playing finesse through its 2.5lb test curve and 1K weave backbone.

Multiple hook points are a unique, but really useful feature of this rod and a lightweight build makes surface fishing easy work.

While pricey compared to some, the Flota Rota justifies its mid-tier cost through quality components and purposeful design that aims to maximise the surface fishing experience.

Simply put, if you really love floater fishing and want the best-dedicated rod for the job, this thoughtfully-crafted Nash rod should float your boat.

I struggled to find any flaws in this meticulously designed bit of kit that’s seemingly perfect for dangling dog biscuits.


  • Purpose-Built for Surface Fishing: The rod has been specifically designed for surface fishing, ensuring that all its features are tailored to maximise performance in this specific area.
  • Balanced Power and Finesse: While the rod is powerful, thanks to its 1K weave backbone, it also offers a forgiving tip. This combination provides both strength and flexibility, allowing for effective casting and playing of the fish without over-stressing the line or hook.
  • Lightweight Design: Extended fishing sessions can tire out an angler, but the Flota Rota’s lightweight construction means reduced fatigue, allowing for longer and more comfortable sessions.
  • Optimal Length and Test Curve: The 12-foot length and 2.5-pound test curve offer an ideal balance, making it versatile enough for various surface fishing situations.
  • Enhanced Casting Ability: With the Flota Rota, casting mixers becomes seamless and efficient, making it easier for anglers to get their bait exactly where they want it.
  • Effective Shock Absorption: The rod can adeptly handle aggressive lunges from fish, ensuring fewer lost catches, especially when the fish are close to the net.


  • Specific to Surface Fishing: While its specialised design is a boon for surface fishing, it may not be as versatile for other types of angling. Anglers looking for a multi-purpose rod might find it limiting.
  • Traditional Test Curve: The 2.5-pound test curve, reminiscent of older rods, might not appeal to anglers who prefer stiffer, more modern rods.
  • Limited Range: The Flota Rota is only available in a 12 foot 2.5lb test curve version but what you do get is a real quality product for your money

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as of 13 June 2024 17:11

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#9. Best Carp Rod For Beginners: Fox EOS Pro

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating7.2

The EOS Pro Carp Rod from the reputable Fox International has a perfect combination of quality, performance and style at an affordable price point.

The rod is designed and manufactured using low-resin carbon which helps make the rod lightweight in nature. It comes in three sizes – 10ft, 12ft and 13ft – with test curves of 3lb and 3.5lb. This makes the range versatile in catering for the majority of fishing situations a carp angler may face.

The high-quality 18mm reel seat provides a solid and comfortable base, while the anti-frap tip guide ensures smooth casting.

I really like the full shrink-wrap handle and matt black finish as it looks stylish and is also very comfortable to hold.

The most popular feature of the EOS Pro is its value for money. It’s rare to see any decent carp rod fall under the £60 mark these days, yet this rod does just that.

Anglers looking for a steady all-rounder who are new to the sport and cutting their teeth can’t go far wrong with this brilliant offering from Fox.


  • The rod packs good features and build quality at a very accessible price
  • It’s very versatile thanks to the variety of test curves/lengths it comes in
  • It serves the purpose as a good all-round carp rod
  • The Fox EOS boasts subtle good looks with its unique details and tasteful finishings
  • The low-resin carbon blank is lightweight without compromising on durability
  • The anti-frap tip guide and SLIK air guides make the Fox EOS a reliable caster.


  • Aside from the value for money it brings to the table, the Fox EOS doesn’t excel in any one particular area
  • I felt it lacked a degree of responsiveness when playing fish

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#10. Best Spod Rod: Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating9.3

Something that struck me about the Infinity X45 Spod Rod was how much casting power it truly has. Despite its high volume fibre blank being, on the whole, incredibly lightweight it offers a surprisingly fast action.

Thanks to this, the rod simply handles long-distance spod casts with ease. The SeaGuide TDG rings help the line travel smoothly during casts, even with heavy spombs attached, and the Japanese shrink grip handle is probably one of the best I’ve ever tried for long-distance casting.

To put it into context on how smooth and fluid this rod casts, I was able to reach a spot at 120 yards with a fully loaded spod with relative ease, and I am by far, nowhere near, a good distance caster.

The Infinity X45 spod rod is ergonomic and has plenty of ‘stick,’ making it easier for you to put much more power into each of your casts; trust me, it makes a difference!

Additionally, I found the ALPS ARD reel seat to be incredibly solid. I have no doubt that this could lock even the chunkiest of spod reels in place without a millimetre of movement.

All in all the Daiwa Infinity X45 spod rod is the best out there and matches the incredible performance of the rest of the Infinity X45 range. If you can afford it, it’s a must-purchase.


  • Uses Daiwas V-joint technology and 45-degree carbon layering
  • Casts really heavy and loaded spods and spombs accurately and with limited effort
  • Rock solid reel seat
  • Beautifully sleek finish to the rod
  • Extremely lightweight yet extremely powerful
  • A real feel of quality in your hands


  • It’s not the cheapest rod out there but what you do get is a real quality product for your money
  • Only available in a 12-foot length

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#11. Best Marker Rod: Trakker Propel

Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod picture
Overall Rating8.9

Trakker aren’t generally renowned for producing carp rods but with their Propel range, they have produced a beauty.

The rod that I have picked out as the best marker rod actually doubles up as a spod rod thanks to its 4.5 lb test curve.

It’s available in 12 and 13-foot lengths and is constructed with high-quality 36T carbon on the tip and 30T on the butt which makes it stiffer than your average marker.

The result?

A beast of a rod that is perfect for plotting out the contours of your swim at extreme distances.


  • Versatility: The rod is designed for both spod and marker work. It is also available in 12 and 13-foot lengths
  • Powerful Fast-Taper Blank: The design of the blank provides substantial power for casting, making it possible to reach long distances accurately
  • Depth Markers: Whipped 1ft and 2ft depth markers are incorporated in the design which is pretty handy
  • Well-thought-out guides: The 50mm butt ring and the anti-frap tip are well set up for distance casting with heavy spods
  • Handle: Comes with a nice and comfortable shrink-wrapped handle with a flared butt


  • Price: Although the Propel isn’t quite at the premium price points of some of the other elite spod rods, it still comes with a fairly hefty price tag compared to some of the competition

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Final Thoughts

As I wrap up my exploration of the best carp rods this year, it’s clear that the choices available cater to a wide spectrum of angling preferences and needs. Whether you’re an experienced carp angler or just beginning your journey, the market offers something for everyone, blending innovation with tradition.

The key takeaway from my comprehensive review is the importance of matching the rod to your specific fishing style and environment. From rods designed for precise, long-distance casting to those tailored for the subtle art of stalking or surface fishing, each has its unique strengths.

The diversity in lengths, test curves, and actions available ensures that every angler can find a rod that resonates with their technique and the challenges they face on the water.

Moreover, the balance between quality and budget remains a crucial factor in the decision-making process. The market ranges from budget-friendly options, perfect for those just starting out, to high-end models for the serious enthusiast seeking peak performance.

In conclusion, the world of carp fishing is constantly evolving, and with it, the tools we use. This year’s selection of carp rods demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation, promising an enhanced experience for every angler.

So, as you choose your companion for the waters ahead, remember that the right rod is more than just a tool – it’s an extension of your passion for the sport.

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