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Fishing Gifts, Books & Vintage Tackle

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Fishing Gifts, Books & Vintage Tackle

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Fishing Gifts, Books & Vintage Tackle

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eTackle’s – Fishing Stores

Supporting Local fishing shops in the UK.

Welcome to eTackle, the online marketplace that supports local fishing shops and fishing stores in the UK.
Our mission statement reads..”We exist to allow small businesses & entrepreneurs in the Angling trade to grow & flourish whilst providing a platform of varied choice to the Angling customer.”

We do this by supplying a marketplace platform focusing solely in the angling industry. This means that an individual or a Business can reach a National audience with ease.

Therefore, by using eTackle to buy your fishing products you can be satisfied that you will be supporting the smaller Angling Shops in the industry seeking to sell to the Angler direct.

By using eTackle you have the ability to rate products and sellers based on your experience with them. You can also compare prices of similar fishing products sold by different sellers. In other words, you can be rest assured that you will be buying what you need at the best possible price for fishing tackle in the UK.

Our Fishing Stores

Our fishing stores sell products within their own, online, local fishing tackle shops. There are lots of products available across the Carp, Coarse & Match, Predator, Sea & Fly Fishing categories. We also sell Fishing Gifts, books & Vintage tackle as well as a wide range of Fishing Clothing.


Fishing Stores