The Review Process

The Review Process – How It Works

review process - how it works on eTackle

Making an informed choice about the purchase of fishing tackle is pivotal to your angling experience. A critical aspect of this decision-making process involves unbiased and reliable reviews based on expertise from industry veterans.

While many websites offer reviews of fishing tackle, they often demonstrate a bias towards products sold on specific platforms such as Amazon. Moreover, these sites often lack efficient organisation.

At Etackle, we aim to address these issues by using personal experiences as well as consolidating and aggregating pre-existing information into an easily navigable database of products. Here, you can filter by type, attributes, and review ratings, simplifying your search for the perfect tackle.

Our Review Process

Every product on eTackle is assessed based on a set of key attributes that are crucial to the item under review. These products are rated on a scale of 1-10, drawing on insights from both personal experiences and independent experts specialising in the respective product domain.

We thoroughly research every product, digesting numerous articles and videos to derive an honest and unbiased rating.

This comprehensive research is then synthesised into a concise and informative review, making it straightforward and accessible for all users of the Etackle platform.

Deciphering Scores

To maintain consistency, every piece of feedback gathered is converted to a 1-10 scale, irrespective of the scoring method used by the reviewer. This transformation enables our users to compare products easily.

In instances where scores aren’t explicitly provided, we assign a rating based on the language and enthusiasm demonstrated by the expert in their review.

At Etackle, our goal is to provide you with a reliable and user-friendly platform that simplifies your tackle selection process, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – the joy and thrill of angling.”

The Scoring Scale

Below Average

Here is an example of how the review ratings will appear across the site:

Expert Review Ratings


Overall Rating (average of the relevant attributes)

Attribute 110
Attribute 29.5
Attribute 38.5
Attribute 47.5
Attribute 55.5

And here is an example of how the overall ratings appear within our shop full of reviewed products:

Ratings on shop page

You can check out a page that lists all the review experts here.

How Fishing Rods Are Reviewed

When reviewing fishing rods we focus on 4 main key attributes.

#1. Build Quality

When assessing the build quality of a fishing rod we focus on the raw materials used to build the rod and how they knit together to output the rod’s overall performance.

One of the key parts of this assessment is the blank. We look at how it was made, how it feels, its power, its subtlety, its overall balance as well as the materials used to build it.

We also focus on the quality, materials and performance of the handle, the reel seat, and the eyes on the rod.

#2. Casting & Feel

Without stating the obvious here, we test how the rod casts both short distances and longer distances. We are examining how smooth the cast is and how much effort is required to gain the desired distance.

We also test accuracy to see if the rod (in the right hands) can hit a designated spot a certain number of times. The more times the rod casts the required distances with the required accuracy, the higher it scores.

#3. Playing Fish

Let’s face it, we all go fishing to catch fish. We also want to enjoy the experience when doing so. Rods are reviewed in this category by simply catching fish and rating the experience of the fight.

We are looking at how a rod can dictate a fight, i.e. its power, how subtle it is and most importantly how enjoyable it is to play fish on.

#4. Value For Money

As an angler, you may have heard of the term ‘Tackle Tax’. If you haven’t, it’s when fishing tackle brands charge an extortionate amount of money when you can get the same quality product a lot cheaper elsewhere.

Under the ‘value for money’ review, we value and score the rod for its price-point against its quality and actual worth.