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Produced by the renowned UK-based company, Century, the Stealth Graphene Reinforced range of rods has become incredibly popular among modern-day carp anglers.

In this review, I’ll take a close look at the rod and the results of extensive testing by myself and three experts who have rated it against five key attributes that all decent carp rods should possess.

So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, let’s find out if the Century Stealth Graphene is worth its hefty investment.

Overall Review Ratings

Casting & Feel9.6
Playing Fish9.6
Value For Money9

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Comparison To Similar Rods

NameOverall RatingPrice
Nash Scope Black Ops Carp Rod9.2from £345.99
Nash Scope Black Ops Sawn Off8.6from £229.99
Daiwa Infinity X459.4from £319.99
Daiwa Basia X45X Carp Rod9.3from £595.00
Harrison Torrix Carp Rod9.4from £374.00
Free Spirit Hi-S Carp Rod9.3from £419.00
Century Stealth Graphene Carp Rod9.4from £459.00
Korda Kaizen Platinum Carp Rod8.9from £409.99
Shimano TX-9 Carp Rod8.6from £309.99
Greys AirCurve Carp Rod9.1from £212.49
Century C2 Mk2 Carp Rod9.2from £415.00
Daiwa Longbow X458.7from £239.99

How The Rod Compares To The Averages

Stealth Graphene9.4
All Carp Rods8.3
All Premium Carp Rods9.2

Quick Summary

If you are in a rush we can tell you that the Century Stealth Graphene is one of the best carp rods on the market. In fact, it scored an overall rating of 9.40 out of 10 which is one of the top scores out of all our carp rod reviews.

Pros & Cons

Getting to review a particular rod extensively allows us to ascertain the advantages and disadvantages a particular rod has. Here is a list of benefits and drawbacks I found when compiling this Century Stealth Graphene review…


  • Titanium stealth finish SiC line guides for really smooth casting
  • Reduced line frap thanks to anti-twist technology
  • Enhanced resin system makes the rod super strong and durable, yet really lightweight
  • A powerful rod yet it has a responsive feel
  • 4 test curve options available


  • One of the more expensive rods on the market
  • The logo is too prominent on the reel seat but this is very much down to opinion and taste

Introducing The Century Stealth Graphene Reinforced

In the carp angling world, Century is a brand that is recognised for producing quality fishing rods that are capable of casting massive distances.

The north east based company continued this tradition when they produced the Stealth Graphene Reinforced range of rods that have proven very popular indeed.

This Century Stealth Graphene review will dive into whether its popularity is deserved. I’ll show you the results of some extensive testing by 4 experts that have put the rod through its paces and rated it against 5 key attributes that all decent carp rods should contain.

Who’s it ideal for

The Century Stealth Graphene is similar to the Infinity X and the Basia X45X with it being a premium rod that is suited for more experienced anglers. It, again, is designed and made with distance casting in mind but still feels and plays fish fantastically well. There are 6 different test curves available to suit all sorts of fishing circumstances.

All of the variations are made with the same build quality and all come with a premium price tag. If you can afford it, it’s good value for money because it is one of the best carp rods you can buy but only if your angling expertise is at a stage that can really benefit from the advanced features the rod has to offer.

Where Did The Stealth Graphene Come From

Century launched the Stealth Graphene in 2017 when they announced that this range of rods was their new flagship model which, in previous years, was held by the Armalite and Century’s C2 rod range. At the time they were boasting cutting-edge technology that would see this rod as one of the strongest and most robust carp rods ever seen.

This announcement wasn’t just lip service as many a carp angler echoed the sentiments that Century gave the rod.

The unique name comes from one of the main materials that the rod is built with. Graphene is one of the strongest materials on the planet, and to have a fishing rod made out of it, it must be good!

The Different Versions Of The Stealth Graphene Reinforced

There are 6 versions of the Century Graphene Stealth ranging from 2.5lb test curves up to 3.75lb test curves in both 12 and 13-foot lengths. There is also a 12ft spod rod available in the range. You can check out these versions alongside their suitability in the following table:

Length Test Curve Max Cast Distance Ideal For
12 ft 2.5 80yds Floater Fishing and smaller lakes, canals or rivers
12 ft 3lb 120yds Small to Medium sized waters
12 ft 3.25lb 130yds Good all-rounder
12 ft 3.5lb 150yds Good all-rounder Medium to Large sized waters
12 ft 3.75lb 170 yds Long distance rod for large waters
13 ft 3.5lb 160 yds+ Good all-round use, popular for European venues

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The 5 Attributes The Rod Was Tested Against

As mentioned previously in the article, there are 5 key elements that carp anglers look for in the best rods. These are as follows:

  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Casting & Feel
  • Playing Fish
  • Value For Money

For more detail on the review process please visit the designated review explanation page that outlines how products are reviewed on eTackle.

The Century Stealth Graphene Review

So having set the scene with where the rod came from and what criteria the rod was tested against let’s now get into how the Stealth Graphene performed.

First off, let’s see how the experts have rated this rod…

"There can’t be another rod on the market with the looks, performance, quality and immense list of key features that this rod possesses."
More Details
"Is there a carp rod on the market crammed with as many premium features as the new Century SGR? (Stealth Graphene Reinforced). This rod series you get it all in one package."
More Details
"The Century Stealth Graphene is another ultra-high-end rod with the most sophisticated and extreme materials to push the absolute limits of what is possible with a carp rod."
More Details

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The Key Attributes Scrutinised

Features & Specifications

Features Rating9.4

One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the science behind the build of the rod.

The Graphene part of the rod’s name is derived from the material that is mixed into the resin that combines with the carbon to produce the rod. Graphene was discovered in 2004 by Prof Andre Geim and Prof Kostya Novoselov who won a nobel prize for the discovery.

It is one of the strongest materials in physics and as such, incorporating it into a carp fishing rod only means one thing – a super strong, robust and hard-wearing product.

The strength of the rod however doesn’t mean you have a clunky, heavy rod to handle. In fact, it’s the contrary with the rod being exceptionally light.

The rod is available in 12 and 13 lengths with test curves of 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb and 3.75lb.

The handle


The rod features an abbreviated handle with plain black whipping straight through that is rounded off with steel grey toppings.

At the end of the handle is a laser etched, black aluminium butt cap which finishes the rod off nicely.

The reel seat

century graphene reel seat

The custom black ALPS reel seat is extremely popular due to its good looks and ability to lock a carp reel tight and firm.

There is a laser etched logo on the reel seat which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea due to it being quite bold looking but never-the-less shows off a quality brand.

The eyes/guides


The SiC line guides range from 50mm at the butt to 16mm at the tip and are made from titanium. The tip eye also boasts anti-frap properties that help prevent those annoying tip tangles.

The guides are PVD coated giving them a unique yet beautiful gunsmoke colour.

The blank


The blank is a new design by Century with a lightweight 1K, 1K carbon fibre weave which looks great but also helps in stripping lots of weight out of the rod.

Features & Specifications Summary

  • Available in 12 & 13 foot lengths
  • Test curves available include 3lb, 3.25lb, 3.5lb and 3.75lb
  • Custom ALPS Black reel seat
  • Ant-twist technology to reduce line frap
  • Titanium stealth finish SiC line guides
  • Composite compound carbon taper
  • Sealed with custom PTFE/silicone low scratch finish
  • Graphene-enhanced resin system

Here’s what the experts said about the rods features:

"Made using the most advanced materials currently available and of course with the addition of the Nobel Prize winning Graphene to their already bombproof resin system, performance has been taken to a whole new level."
More Details
"Packed full of features, including Graphene reinforced matrix system, Autoclave Technology, Generation 2 Anti-Twist Technology, Titanium Gunsmoke guides and and ultralight blank in each of its respective test curves."
More Details
"As the name suggests, the rod uses Graphene in its resin matrix which is an incredibly light but tough material designed to withstand the toughest fishing situations."
More Details



Compared to previous versions of the rod, the weave goes all the way to the tip which looks a lot nicer than its predecessors.

The whippings along the blank are plain black and are finished beautifully with the same steel grey toppings as the handle.

Here’s what the experts said about the Stealth Graphene Reinforced appearance:

"As you would expect the build is pretty damn tasty with a wonderful finish that has become synonymous with the Century brand of late."
More Details
"The titanium gunsmoke colour is a real favourite particularly on the guides and is most admired by anglers when choosing this premium rod series."
More Details
"The rod comes in a stealthy black finish with titanium eyes fitted."
More Details

Casting & Feel

Casting & Feel9.6

This rod is an absolute dream to cast and feels sublime when using it. Due to the materials used in the makeup of the rod, it is one of the lightest out there yet also one of the strongest. The blank recovery in the tip is exceptional and is one of the key reasons why it can cast so far.

This trait is followed in all of the test curves available in the range with the 3.75lb version trumping as the elite in casting ability.

This is what the experts said about how the rod casts and feels when handled:

"The massive weight reduction makes building tip speed a breeze, even for the more intermediate caster."
More Details
"This a long-distance casting rod but at 12′ and using similar principle to the C2-D action."
More Details
"The Century Stealth Graphene is built for distance casting and when you combine extreme lightness and strength, its pretty much the best casting rod money can buy."
More Details

Playing Fish

Playing Fish9.6

So we have talked a lot about the lightweight and strong build of the Century Graphene carp rod alongside its ability to cast huge distances. You would be forgiven for thinking that using one of the strongest materials in physics in the build of the rod would mean that it is a bit cumbersome to play fish with.

Well, you would think wrong. It is an amazing rod to play fish with.

The super-lightweight blank combined with the titanium guides work together seamlessly and as such allows you to feel every ounce of effort the carp puts into the fight. The strength in the blank also allows you to efficiently dictate the fight so you are always in control of the fish from the initial hooking to landing.

Here are some quotes from the experts on how the rod performs when playing fish:

"As with all Century carp rods, playing fish is a dream."
More Details
"Simply the best. Century just keep on pushing. These rods a a joy to play fish on."
More Details
"The Century Stealth Graphene is an excellent carp rod in every way and its more than capable of handling carp of any size with ease."
More Details

Value For Money

Value For Money9

Okay, let’s not beat around the bush. The Graphene Stealth is one of the more expensive rods on the market today. The price point is catered towards the more experienced and specialised carp angler that needs both casting distance and accuracy.

Here’s how the experts scored the rod on value for money:

"No comment"
More Details
"These are premium rods and costly but if you can afford to purchase I would strongly recommend you do, they are fantastic."
More Details
"Buying a set of these rods is in no way cheap but they are the pinnacle of quality."
More Details

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

The Stealth Graphene Reinforced is one of Century’s flagship rods that outperforms many of the top carp rods on the market today.

The rod was an absolute joy to review and whilst doing so it was plain to see that the materials used and the well-thought-out build of the rod, are why it will remain one of the elite carp fishing rods for many years to come.

Thanks for reading

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