Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod Review

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How It Scores



Build Quality9.5
Casting Ability9.5
Weight & Balance9.5
Value For Money7.5

Crafted with cutting-edge graphene technology, the Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod sets a new benchmark for extreme distance spodding with its remarkable power, precision and reliability

The Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod was one of the most eagerly anticipated releases in carp fishing. As a companion to Century’s groundbreaking Stealth Graphene carp rods launched in 2017, expectations were high. After testing it extensively, I can confirm this spod rod delivers the same exceptional performance and quality as the Stealth fishing rods.

The Rods Features:

Straight away you can see the Stealth Spod rod matches the styling and cosmetics of its carp rod siblings. It has the same matt black ALPS reel seat, gunmetal PVD-coated titanium SiC guides, plain black whippings and signature steel grey tip section. The butt cap is laser engraved with the Stealth logo, completing the premium look.

Importantly, the carbon blank utilises the same graphene resin technology found in the Stealth fishing rods. This Nobel prize-winning material significantly reduces rod weight while boosting strength and power. Century also use their Autoclave curing method and Anti Twist Tech to ensure unrivalled accuracy and durability even under heavy spodding pressures.

At 12ft in length, the rod is designed for casting distances beyond 200 yards in the right hands. For increased precision, the tip section has depth markers whipped on at 1ft and 1.5ft intervals. It really is a purpose-built long-range spod rod that is a joy to behold. It is absolutely up there with one of the best spod rods ever made.

Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod - Review - Guide

The PVD-coated titanium SiC guides

How It Performs:

Thanks to the lightweight yet powerful blank, the Stealth Graphene Spod rod loads up with ease. On the cast, it unloads this stored energy for massive distances even with heavy, fully loaded, spombs. I found that the tip cushions the impact beautifully as the spod hits the water, allowing every part of the setup to work in synergy with each other.

I found accuracy to be excellent too. The rod gives great feedback, allowing you to make minor adjustments and repeatedly hit specific spots. The length and parabolic action provide excellent control to place bait precisely at extreme range.

The reduced weight from the graphene really comes into play on long spodding sessions. Heavy bait rockets become much less tiring to cast repeatedly compared to other, more budget-type spod rods.

Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod - Review - Blank

The reel seat and blank have a real quality look about it

How It Compares:

The Century Stealth Graphene spod rod is a premium model with a premium price tag. You would therefore expect it to perform exceptionally well against the competition, especially when it is made by such a quality rod manufacturer like Century.

In all of our testing, it scored an overall rating of 9.0 which puts it in the top 3, slightly behind the Infinity X45 spod rod and the Harrison Torrix.

How It Scores Against Its Competitors

NameOverall RatingPrice
Shimano TX A Spod Rod8.8from £79.99
Nash Dot Spod Rod8.6from £169.99
Harrison Torrix Spod Rod9.1from £369.00
Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod9.3from £324.99
Daiwa Black Widow XT Spod Rod8from £54.99
Sonik Xtractor Spod Rod7.6from £53.00
Trakker Propel Spod Rod8.9from £167.99
Onyx Quickdraw Spod Rod7.3from £49.99
Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod7.4from £69.99
Fox Horizon X3 Spod & Marker Rod8.1from £89.99
Daiwa Emcast Spod Rod8.3from £59.00
Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod9from £498.99

The Pros & Cons:


  • Incredibly lightweight and well-balanced
  • Massive casting distances of 200+ yards
  • Unrivalled accuracy and rod control
  • Graphene technology for strength and durability
  • Depth markers for precision spodding


  • High price tag
  • Only available in 12ft

Value For Money:

There’s no doubt the Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod sits at the premium end of the market with its very expensive price tag. In fact, this is the rod’s Achilles heel when paired up with its competition.

However, given the next-generation graphene resin technology and premium components used throughout, if you can afford it, I feel it’s worth the investment. The performance and features simply outclass cheaper alternatives.

For the carp angler who demands the best, it absolutely delivers.

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Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod Review: Final Verdict:

The Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod is a masterclass in advanced carbon rod design.

By utilising the same Nobel prize-winning graphene resin systems found in the Stealth fishing rods, Century has created the definitive long-range spod rod. The weight savings and strength increases allow heavy spods to be launched enormous distances with pinpoint accuracy.

For the carp angler obsessed with precision and reaching the maximum casting potential in their swims, the Stealth Graphene Spod Rod delivers everything you could ask for and more. This is the future of spod rod technology.

Thanks for reading.

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