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One of the original members of Shimano’s Tribal range club, the TX2 has proven a very popular carp rod in recent years with anglers of all abilities.

But why is this rod so popular? and is it worthy of all the accolades?

In this ShimanoTX2 review I’ll uncover all the features that I and other carp rod experts have experienced whilst testing it. I’ll explain what the rod scored in each attribute it was reviewed against and how it compared to its competitors.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it.

Overall Ratings

Casting & Feel8.3
Playing Fish8.3
Value For Money9.3

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Comparison To Similar Rods

NameOverall RatingPrice
Sonik Insurgent7.8from £79.99
Sonik SKS Commercial Feeder Rod7.4from £34.99
Sonik Xtractor Recon7.3from £54.99
Wychwood Riot Carp Rod7from £39.99
Sonik Xtractor7.3from £39.99
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Shimano TX7 Carp Rod8.9from £178.97
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How The Rod Compares To The Averages

Shimano Tribal TX28.6
All Carp Rods8.3
All Affordable Carp Rods8.1

Quick Summary

The Shimano TX-2 is one of the most popular rods on the carp angling circuit in recent years, mostly due to its reliability and versatility at a very respectful price.
Its versatility is demonstrated by the varying models that are available. With lengths of 10, 11, 12, and 13 feet, alongside test curves of 2.75, 3, 3.25, and 3.5 lbs to choose from you can see why.
It’s one of the more affordable rods in the TX Tribal range, which, I guess supports the rod’s popularity. It doesn’t compromise though on features and build quality. It still boasts a DPS reel seat, SIC guides and a XT60 carbon blank, which all contribute to really good performance on the bank.
The TX-2 scored an overall rating of 8.6 when reviewed by myself and a carp fishing expert. This is a fantastic score for its price point and a score that edges towards some of the real premium models on the market.

Pros & Cons

For this Shimano TX2 review, I fished 5 sessions on a medium and a large water fishing both close and long range. Here is what I found to be the advantages and disadvantages of the rod.


  • Thanks to the variety of test curves and lengths the TX-2 comes in, it’s a highly versatile offering suitable for anglers of most abilities
  • The rod pod stopper is a great feature that keeps it nice and secure
  • Well-made and affordable, the TX-2 represents outstanding value for money
  • For its price, it has a great casting action
  • The Rod comes with a protective cloth bag to keep it safe when transported


  • With all the different models available, it’s a shame there isn’t a 3.75lb real distance caster as an option
  • I think the reel seat fittings would have looked better in black but this is a personal preference

A Bit About the Shimano TX2

Part of Shimano’s Tribal series of carp rods, the TX2 is one of the range’s more affordable, generalist models. Aiming to combine great value for money with versatility and performance, the TX-2 does well across the board and is soundly made. There are many other offerings in the Tribal series with the TX2 being one of the earlier, more budget-conscious models.

With quality hardware that comes in a range of lengths and test curves, most carpers will find an iteration of the TX2 that suits their needs and priorities on the water. This is a rod that will likely appeal to any angler on the hunt for a more affordable carp rod that still offers great performance and build quality.

Who’s it ideal for

I would comfortably recommend the Shimano TX2 to any angler on the hunt for an affordable, versatile carp rod that doesn’t compromise on build quality or hardware. This is a rod that’s flexible enough that most carpers will likely be able to find the perfect configuration for their needs and preferences.

With that being said, carpers that are looking for something more specialised or specific in their next rod will likely want to look at other models instead. The same can be said for anglers on the hunt for something truly high-end; while the TX2 is a great rod, there are certainly better offerings available at higher price points such as the Stealth Graphene or the amazing Infinity X45.

How Does the Shimano TX2 Differ From Other TX Models?

As mentioned previously, the Shimano TX2 is part of the brand’s Tribal series, which also includes several other models such as the TX7 and TX9. Surprisingly, the TX7 and TX9 have plenty in common, despite the TX9 costing substantially more than the TX7.

While the TX-2 is a great rod in its own right, it’s far more of a budget-friendly model than the TX7 or TX9 and, as such, is much easier to distinguish from the other two. The TX2 is also more of a generalist model, while both the TX7 and TX9 are arguably best suited to fishing on larger waters and venues.

The Different Versions Of The Shimano Tribal TX2

One of the main reasons for the TX2’s popularity is the multitude of variations the model has to offer. Here is a breakdown of the different variations and their recommended uses:

Length Test Curve Ideal For Max Cast Distance
10 ft 2.75lb Smaller venues, close range fishing and stalking 80 yds
10 ft 3lb Smaller venues, close range fishing and stalking 90 yds
11 ft 2.75lb Smaller venues, and close range fishing 90 yds
12 ft 2.75lb Small to medium sized venues, and close range fishing 120 yds
12 ft 3lb Small to medium venues. Good all-round rod 130 yds
12 ft 3.25lb Small to medium venues. Good all-round rod 140 yds
12 ft (intensity) 3.5lb Medium to Larger venue where distance casting is required 150 yds
13 ft 3lb Medium Venue, Good all-rounder for those that prefer a longer rod 140 yds
13 ft (Intensity) 3.5lb Large venues for casting long distances 165 yds

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The 5 Attributes The Rod Was Tested Against

As mentioned previously in the article, there are 5 key elements that carp anglers look for in the best rods. These are as follows:

  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Casting & Feel
  • Playing Fish
  • Value For Money

For more detail on the review process please visit the designated review explanation page that outlines how products are reviewed on eTackle.

The Shimano TX2 Review

So having set the scene with where the rod came from and what criteria the rod was tested against let’s now get into how it performed.

First off, let’s see how an expert has rated this rod…

"The TX2 boasts a serious list of high-end materials brought together at a very affordable price"
More Details

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The Key Attributes Scrutinised

Features & Specifications

Features Rating9.0

The handle

Shimano TX2 Handle

The Shimano TX2 comes with a lightweight rubber grip on its handle, which feels nice and balanced. It also sports an aluminium butt cap with the Tribal logo.

The reel seat

Shimano TX2 Reel Seat

Boasting a Shimano DPS reel seat, you can rest assured that your reel will stay firmly in place on the TX2. On testing with a couple of big pits, it held them rock solid on the cast and when playing fish.

The eyes/guides

Shimano TX2 Guides

The Shimano TX2 comes with a double-legged stainless steel SIC guideline, which does an excellent job of protecting the line when playing fish. It also features a 16 mm anti-frap tip guide, which works well to keep line tangles to a minimum.

The blank

Shimano TX2 Review

With its slender and powerful XT60 blank, the TX2 is able to deliver plenty of action through its middle part and tip, which really supports maintaining a strong hook hold when you’ve got a fish on.

Here is a video show casing the features om the Shimano Tribal TX2 carp rod:

Features & Specifications Summary

  • Available in 10, 11, 12 & 13-foot lengths
  • Test curves available include 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb
  • DPS-type reel seat
  • Rubber grip
  • Stainless steel SIC line guide
  • XT60 carbon blank
  • Soft Line Clip
  • Rod Pod Stopper

Here’s what an expert said about the rods features:

"The 12ft INT is fitted with six precisely spaced double-legged stainless steel Seaguide guides including a 50mm butt and an oversized 16mm anti-frap tip ring for minimal friction on the cast"
More Details



I really love the look of the Shimano TX2, especially its magenta details. While these are subtle, this is a colour you rarely see used on rods, and it adds a nice pop of colour on the otherwise monochrome TX2.

Elsewhere, the TX2 has a refined, streamlined look, with black and grey along most of its length like the other rods in the Tribal series. It also sports stainless steel details, including its butt cap, which also has the Tribal logo etched into it.

Here’s what an expert said about the TX2s appearance:

"The sleek design of the TX2 will last for many a year to come, with minimalistic decals and an eye-catching pink tipping-on-black cosmetic wrapping that sets off the rod perfectly"
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Casting & Feel

Casting & Feel8.3

The TX2 is a more than capable caster. Naturally, its feel and performance when casting depends on the test curve and length you’ve chosen, but, on the whole, the rod performed well in testing. I was able to hit casts of 130 yards plus with a 4oz lead in the 3.5lb test curve option.

This is largely a result of how effectively its blank transmits power and force through its length. The rod’s guides also allow for fast, smooth casts and keep line frap to an absolute minimum.

This is what an expert said about how the rod casts and feels when handled:

"The TX2 carp rod range is based on proven manufacturing processes, and each blank is meticulously constructed utilising XT60 carbon. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing slim bank with reserves of power for a powerful casting performance"
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Playing Fish

Playing Fish8.3

Thanks in large part to its responsive blank and reel seat, the TX2 feels good when playing fish. One particular common carp I caught, which only weighed 16lb 2oz, was a real scrapper, but the rod dealt with the torpedo-like runs and lunges the fish took admirably.

Generally, the rod felt sensitive and responsive enough that you feel most of the action, and the guides do a great job of protecting the line when things get rough.

Here is a quote from an expert on how the rod performs when playing fish:

"Although designed as a casting tool, the 12ft TX2 INT is not just a stiff unforgiving broom handle but offers the user a decent fish-playing experience thanks to the tip and middle section that help to absorb powerful fish lunges"
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Value For Money

Value For Money9.3

As far as value for money goes, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better offering than the TX2. This rod does a great job of hitting the sweet spot between being budget-friendly and still offering great performance and build quality.

While there are certainly cheaper rods out there, they’re typically not going to be anywhere near as reliable or well-made as the TX2.

Here’s what an expert scored the rod on value for money:

"A high-end rod, built with quality materials at a very affordable price"
More Details

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

All in all, the Shimano TX2 carp rod is a fantastic piece of kit for the money. It’s budget-friendly without feeling cheap and is a highly versatile offering, too. Unless you’re looking for something very high-end or more specialised, I would definitely encourage you to check out the TX2 next time you’re in the market for a new carp rod

Thanks for reading.

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