Sonik Xtractor Review

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Sonik Xtractor Review

The popular Xtractor rod by the brand Sonik is classed as an affordable, high-quality carp rod, that is perfect for stalking or fishing in smaller venues where distance casting isn’t needed.

But with it restricting itself to shorter lengths in more of a niche market, is it worth the investment of such a specialist tool?

In this Sonix Xtractor review, with the help of some experts, I dive deeper into its features and performance to see if it lives up to the hype.

Overall Review Ratings

Casting & Feel7.0
Playing Fish7.0
Value For Money8.5

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Comparison To Similar Rods

NameOverall RatingPrice
Daiwa Black Widow Carp Rod7.6from £36.99
Sonik Vader X Carp Rod7.6from £49.99
Sonik Xtractor Recon7.3from £54.99
Fox EOS Pro Carp Rod7.2from £54.99
Sonik Xtractor7.3from £39.99
Wychwood Riot Carp Rod7from £39.99

How The Rod Compares To The Averages

Sonik Xtractor7.3
All Carp Rods8.3
All Budget Carp Rods7.3

Quick Summary

In summary, The Sonik Xtractor Carp Rod is a popular, budget carp rod that specialises in stalking or fishing smaller venues where distance casting isn’t required.
The feature that resonates most with carp anglers is its price point. At under £50, it’s hard to better the value for money you get from the rod.
It is more of a specialist rod mostly due to its shorter lengths with the model only being available in 6, 9 and 10-foot options. Having said that, the use of 10-foot rods is becoming evermore popular in carp angling nowadays.
The Xtractor scored an overall rating of 7.3 in the review which is bang on the average score of a good budget carp rod. This score was only 0.3 off the top-scoring budget rod, which was the Daiwa Black Widow.

Pros & Cons

After fishing 2 sessions on small waters and 1 on a medium-sized water, with both the 9 and 10-foot versions, here is what I found to be the advantages and disadvantages of the Sonik Xtractor carp rod.


  • Great for stalking carp, can be used retracted in extra-tight spaces. I caught an upper double with the 9-foot version in a really tight swim
  • Incredibly lightweight thanks to its slimline carbon blank, making it more forgiving when holding in the hand whilst stalking for long periods
  • Boasts some great hardware, like its M-series DL guides and Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Can be purchased in an array of test curves (2.75, 3, 3.25, and 3.5lb) and lengths (6, 9, and 10 feet)
  • It has a good build quality at a very reasonable price, representing great value for money


  • Arguably something of a specialist rod; anglers on the market for something that can be used on any carp water will want to look elsewhere. The 10-foot version was okay on a medium-sized water but my personal preference would be a 12-foot rod when fishing over 70 yards.
  • Performance could be better in some areas, more so around its balance and feel when casting and playing fish

An Overview Of The Sonik Xtractor

Sonik Sports is an angling and outerwear manufacturer based in Northumberland with something of a speciality in carping gear in particular.

I’d argue that Sonik is one of the brands that are better-known for primarily producing quality, more affordable carp gear, and the Xtractor certainly fits the bill there, too. Some of the company’s other rods include the VaderX and DominatorX models, which retail for similar prices to the Xtractor.

This rod is Soniks budget-friendly offering for anglers looking primarily to stalk carp or otherwise fish for them on smaller, more cramped waters. The rod comes in 2.75, 3, 3.25, and 3.5lb test curves and is available in lengths of 6, 9, and 10 feet.

There is a slightly different model of the rod called the Xtractor Recon available in 8 and 12-foot models for anglers that prefer this length rod. This version offers the same build and properties of the original rod with just a slightly larger reel seat at 18mm and a 50mm butt guide in the 12-foot version.

Here is a video explaining a bit about the Xtractor Recon…

While the Xtractor lacks some of the features you’d expect in higher-end rods and its performance is unlikely to blow you away, it’s frankly a good option for the money nonetheless. Both beginners and more advanced carpers who fish primarily on smaller venues should be able to get plenty of use out of the Xtractor.

Who’s it ideal for

The Sonik Xtractor is something of a rarity among other, more budget-friendly carp rods in that it’s arguably somewhat specialised, especially its 6-foot model.

While there does seem to be a trend towards carpers using shorter rods even on larger waters or more open swims, the Xtractor’s strengths primarily lie in settings where you’d typically use a shorter carp rod; stalking and tighter swims are just two examples of this.

So, while this rod is likely to appeal to any angler looking for an affordable carp rod with a shorter length, it’s primarily suited to those who predominantly find themselves stalking carp or otherwise fishing for them on smaller venues with swims requiring shorter, more precise casts.

Beginner carpers who are especially interested in stalking carp will no doubt like the Xtractor. Also, more experienced carpers who occasionally fish smaller venues and want a budget-friendly option should also consider it.

The Different Versions Of The Xtractor

As stated previously, there are 3 lengths and 4 test curves available in the original Xtractor model with the Recon being available in 8 and 12-foot versions across test curves of 2.5, 3 and 3.5lb.

You can check out the different versions of the Xtractor and what situations they are best suited to in the following table:

Length Test Curve Ideal For Max Cast Distance
6 ft 3lb Smaller venues, very tight swims, close range fishing and stalking 50 yds
9 ft 2.75lb Smaller venues, close range fishing and stalking 60 yds
9 ft 3lb Smaller venues, close range fishing and stalking 70 yds
10 ft 3.25lb Smaller to medium sized venues, close range fishing and stalking 90 yds
10 ft 3.5lb Small to medium venues. Good stalking rod for snaggy, weedy swims 100 yds

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The 5 Attributes The Rod Was Tested Against

As mentioned previously in the article, there are 5 key elements that carp anglers look for in the best rods. These are as follows:

  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Casting & Feel
  • Playing Fish
  • Value For Money

For more detail on the review process please visit the designated review explanation page that outlines how products are reviewed on eTackle.

The Sonik Xtractor Review

So having set the scene with where the rod came from and what criteria the rod was tested against let’s now get into how it performed.

First off, let’s see how an expert has reviewed this rod…

"Cheap is a relative term, but these rods really do seem to punch above their weight"
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The Key Attributes Scrutinised

Features & Specifications

Features Rating7.3

The handle

Sonik Xtractor Handle

The Xtractor features a Japanese shrink rubber handle, which feels very comfortable in the hand and is easy to grip, even when wet. Its ionised butt cap feels solid and looks great, featuring Sonik’s logo.

The reel seat

Sonik Xtractor Reel Seat

A 17mm black DPS reel seat comes standard with the Xtractor, which feels very reliable and does a great job of keeping the reel solidly in place.

The eyes/guides

Sonik Xtractor Eyes

The rod comes with a set of black 40mm M-series DL guides, which I think look great and are exceptionally light, keeping the overall weight of the rod down. Utilising an anti-frap ceramic tip guide, the Xtractor manages to keep line frap to a minimum.

The blank

Sonik Xtractor Blank

The Xtractor features a slimline carbon fibre blank with progressive action, which feels remarkably light and supple without sacrificing any power.

Features & Specifications Summary

  • Available in 6ft, 9ft and 10ft lengths
  • Test curves available include 2.75lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb
  • Slim carbon fibre blank
  • Progressive action
  • Super-light M-Series DL guides in black
  • Ceramic anti-frap tip ring
  • 40mm to 12mm ring sizes
  • 17mm black DPS reel seat

Here’s what an expert said about the rods features:

"The rod offers essential touches like anti-frap tip rings, super-light guides, Japanese shrink wrap handles, laser-etched butt caps and DPS reel seats"
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I feel that, compared to some other budget carp models out there, the Xtractor looks fairly high-end. It features a stealthy black finish with white details and looks pretty slick overall.

Here’s what Carpology said:

More Details

Casting & Feel

Casting & Feel7.0

All in all, the Xtractor is okay at casting. It certainly performs better on shorter casts, though, and there are considerably more powerful rods out there sold at a similar price point to the Xtractor. I will say that its anti-frap tip guide and eyes are able to largely eliminate line frap, which is a plus.

One feature that I especially enjoyed was how well the Xtractor casts when retracted. This makes it a great choice for very tight or short casts and feels surprisingly intuitive for a budget-friendly rod.

This is what an expert said about how the rod casts and feels when handled:

"The blanks are slim and the fittings are classy and as such casting accuracy is good"
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Playing Fish

Playing Fish7.0

While the Xtractor’s performance isn’t exactly elite, it does perform respectably when used for stalking carp or fishing smaller waters in particular. It’s reasonably responsive and, thanks to how light the blank is, can easily be used in the hand all day without feeling cumbersome.

Here is a quote from an expert on how the rod performs when playing fish:

"The super slim blanks have a progressive action and the butt section is part telescopic. The lightweight makes it easy to play fish on"
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Value For Money

Value For Money8.5

The Xtractor frankly offers exceptional value for money. Thanks to its decent performance, build quality, and the very accessible price it’s sold at, I’d comfortably recommend it to most anglers looking for a budget rod, rather than those looking for a longer, more versatile model or those who are in the market for something more high-end.

Here’s what Carpology quoted on value for money:

"They might not be the first in this sector but the Xtractors are certainly the first to look this good at this price"
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Final Thoughts & Conclusions

Boasting a decent build, respectable performance, especially for stalking carp, and a remarkably budget-friendly price, the Xtractor is an excellent rod for the money. I’d encourage you to consider this model in particular if you’re on the lookout for an affordable, shorter, carp rod that is best suited to fishing on smaller, tighter venues.

Thanks for reading.

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