Harrison Torrix Carp Rod Review

Last Updated on 30 April 2024 by James Bevan

Harrison Torrix Carp Rod Review

Historically, the Torrix has been one of the most sought-after rods on the UK carp scene. Designed and assembled in the UK by one of the country’s most accomplished rod builders, Harrison.

But is its custom build as good as many make out?

And is it worth the hefty price-tag?

In this Harrison Torrix Carp Rod review, I’ll answer those key questions as I dive into the key features and specifications of this top-of-the-line rod and see how it performs against the five key elements that carp anglers look for in the best rods.

Overall Review Scores

Casting & Feel9.3
Playing Fish9.7
Value For Money9

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Comparison To Similar Rods

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How The Rod Compares To The Averages

Harrison Torrix9.4
All Carp Rods8.3
All Premium Carp Rods9.2

Quick Summary

In summary, the Harrison Torrix is a premium rod that has a great reputation on the carp scene thanks to its quality build and its UK origins. One of its major draws is the fact that Harrison offers a multitude of customisable options allowing anglers to create a bespoke and unique carp rod made out of some of the best materials on offer. All in all, the Torrix is one of the top carp rods on the market today.

Pros & Cons

Every rod has its strengths and weaknesses, and in this Harrison Torrix carp rod review, I gave been able to ascertain what it does well, as well as its potential drawbacks. Here they are:


  • Excellent build quality (assembled in the UK)
  • Hardy, Fuji reel seat
  • A number of length options making the rod versatile and one that can be used on plenty of different carp waters
  • Available both in custom and factory builds
  • Lightweight thanks to its high-modulus carbon blank (and locking up isn’t an issue)
  • 50mm guides are good for preventing ring frap
  • Semi fast action makes longer casts a breeze


  • Definitely on the pricier side, though you get what you pay for
  • Only a handful of models available as a standard issue with most others having to be custom built meaning you will have to wait for it

Introducing The Harrison Torrix Carp Rod

Harrison has a great reputation for building quality rods and blanks, and the Torrix has become one of the company’s most popular models since it was first launched. Designed and assembled entirely in the UK, Harrison makes no compromise when it comes to constructing the best angling rods on the market. 

Who’s it ideal for

The Torrix is a fantastic rod for any angler looking to take their carping to the next level. This is a rod that is well-made and reliable, while still versatile and suited to fishing mixed venues.  It is also perfect for anglers looking for a unique and bespoke rod to specifically suit a certain type of fishing or a particular venue.

For example, if you needed a 10ft, 3.25lb test curve rod with a cork handle, you can have it built. Or what about a 13 ft, 3.5lb rod with a full camo EVA handle, Alps ARD reel seat, Kigan 50mm rings with a metallic red trim! The options seem endless.

I’d also recommend the Torrix to anglers interested in investing in their first quality carp rod. On the other hand, those less experienced with carping may find the Torrix to be a bit too steep of an investment to commit to and maybe better suited to a more budget-friendly carp rod.

Where Did The Harrison Torrix Rods Originate From

It was Steve Harrison himself who designed the Torrix. Known as one of the UK’s most accomplished rod builders, Harrison spent over half a year developing and refining the Torrix before subsequently launching the model.

The first Torrix prototype was developed in 2005 with plans on superseding the quality of the previous flagships, the Chimera and the Ballista. With many months spent perfecting the final version of the Torrix, today it still stands as one of the most sought-after carp rods in the UK.

The Different Versions Of The Torrix Carp Rods

There are many different versions in the Torrix range mostly thanks to the customisable options that Harrison provides. The standard issue rods (i.e. the ones you can pick up straight from tackle shops) tend to be in the 12-foot versions. Most of the other options require a custom build from the Harrison factory with some tackle shops allowing you to order through them.

Length Test Curve Standard Or Custom Max Cast Distance
10 ft 2.75lb Custom 110 yds
10 ft 3.25lb Custom 130 yds
11 ft 3.25lb Custom 140 yds
12 ft 2.5lb Custom 110 yds
12 ft 2.75lb Standard 120 yds
12 ft 3lb Standard 140 yds
12 ft 3.25lb Standard 150 yds
12 ft 3.5lb Standard 170 yds
12 ft Marker 3.25lb Standard 140 yds
12 ft Spod 4.5lb Standard 160 yds+
13 ft 3.25lb Custom 155 yds
13 ft 3.5lb Custom 175 yds

The 5 Attributes The Rod Was Tested Against

As mentioned previously in the article, there are 5 key elements that carp anglers look for in the best rods. These are as follows:

  • Features
  • Appearance
  • Casting & Feel
  • Playing Fish
  • Value For Money

For more detail on the review process please visit the designated review explanation page that outlines how products are reviewed on eTackle.

The Harrison Torrix Carp Rod Review

So having set the scene with where the rod came from and what criteria the rod was tested against let’s now get into how it performed.

First off, let’s see how the experts have rated this rod…

"Harrison is one of the finest UK rod designers and manufacturers and it's series of Torrix rods really are known as the benchmark for the modern carp angler."
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The Key Attributes Scrutinised

Features & Specifications

Features Rating9.3

The handle

Harrison Torrix handle

The standard edition Torrix features an abbreviated, slimline handle with a 5-inch EVA shrink rubber grip. It feels great in the hand – not only is it balanced and ergonomic, but the handle is easy to use when wet.

It’s finished with a sleek, stainless steel butt cap, which visually ties the other stainless steel finishings on the rod together nicely.

The custom options for handles on the Torrix include abbreviated shrink, full shrink, full duplon, full cork and full camo EVA.

The reel seat

Harrison Torrix Reel Seat

Boasting an 18mm Fuji DPS reel seat, the Torrix is able to truly lock your carp reel into place.

Fuji has long been one of the leading manufacturers of reel seats worldwide, and the 18mm DPS offering looks sleek as well as being very durable and reliable, being finished with silver threads to match the stainless steel of the Torrix’s butt cap and collars.

The custom options available on the Torrix reel seat include DPS gloss black, DPS bright, DPS soft touch, 1k carbon black, ALPS centralock CAH, ALPS waveform ARD, ALPS AWF and DPS matte black.

The eyes/guides

Harrison Torrix Eyes

Both 40mm and 50mm size guides are available on the Torrix and can be ordered in a variety of materials, though Kigan 3D guides are standard.

Kigan 3D guides are sturdy and of excellent quality and really allow the line to glide when cast. The anti-tangle tip and 50mm ring set also do a great job of preventing line frap.

Other materials available for the rod’s eyes in the customisable options included: Vortex air 40mm & 50mm, Ti forged AIR 50mm, Ti forged Nano Light 50mm and the excellent Ti forged titanium.

The blank

Harrison Torrix Blank

The Torrix features a sleek, high-modulus 1k carbon blank with a woven fabric finish. While expensive, 1k carbon is used for a reason – it’s tough and hardy without adding excess weight to the rod.

The blank also features an ultra-lightweight carbon scrim ribcage in the tip, which adds an additional sense of balance and sensitivity to the blank.

Although you can’t bespoke the blank itself, you can however choose the colour of the trim on the blank. Options include black, silver, gold, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic red, flat red, grey and white.

Features & Specifications Summary

  • Available in 12 foot with a choice of 3lb and 3.25lb test curve
  • Fuji DPS reel seat
  • 1k woven fabric finish all the way through
  • Stainless steel butt cap and collars
  • High modulus carbon blank
  • Ultra-slim design
  • 40mm or 50mm rings available

Here’s what the experts said about the rods features:

"The Harrison Torrix is manufactured from mixed material, which offers a balance between compression tension and release in order to give you a faultless action."
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As far as looks go, it’s hard to fault the Torrix. This is a slick, streamlined rod, thanks to the blank’s woven fabric finish and stainless steel butt cap and collars. The guides feature matching black whippings which complement the blank’s finish nicely. 

Additionally, the Union Jack on the blank adds a nice pop of colour to the Torrix’s otherwise monochrome design. The rod is available in both matte and gloss black finishes.

Here’s what the experts said about the rod’s appearance:

"The rod is not only beautifully balanced but it is also ultra slim and the blank boasts a lifelong finish with discrete graphics."
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Casting & Feel

Casting & Feel9.3

Overall, the Torrix is a very comfortable, reliable casting rod. When tested on grass, the Torrix was able to achieve casts of up to 170 yards, though the 3.5 model does manage slightly longer casts with the right technique. 

Part of this is due to the Torrix’s semi-fast action blank, which assists in longer casts without the rod feeling too stiff or dead when playing fish. Additionally, the optional 50mm guides also do an excellent job of preventing line frap.

This is what the experts said about how the rod casts and feels when handled:

"If you’re an angler who likes to target carp from huge distances then the 50mm option is perfect for you. This reduces friction on the line, allowing it to sail along the rod and out to the farthest features."
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Playing Fish

Playing Fish9.7

I found the Torrix to be easily one of the most responsive and enjoyable carp rods on the market for playing fish. It feels balanced and steady in the hand while providing the angler plenty of feedback from the moment you hook something. 

As you’d expect, the 3lb Torrix edges out the 3.25lb offering in terms of sensitivity and action, making it feel a little better overall for playing fish. One major advantage the Torrix has over some of its competitors is that the blank doesn’t lock up at the butt when playing fish. This is a common complaint of other, lightweight, high-modulus carp rods.

Here is an experts view of how the rod performs when playing fish:

"High modulus carbon fibre ensures that the blank offers the famous rigidity with which the brand is associated, ensuring that you can tackle even the hardest fighting fish with confidence."
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Value For Money

Value For Money9

I’d argue that the Torrix represents great value for money, at least for the committed carper. While perhaps not the most affordable rod out there, you get what you pay for – Harrison rods are made with the highest-quality materials, designed to exacting standards, and assembled right here in the UK. Besides, the Torrix is versatile enough that it can easily be used on mixed venues. 

Having said that, anglers on the hunt for an affordable, more budget-friendly carp rod will likely want to look elsewhere.

Here’s how an expert scored the rod on value for money:

"No Comment"
More Details

Final Thoughts & Conclusions

The Harrison Torrix is a gorgeous, versatile carp rod that offers anglers a premium experience and outstanding performance overall. It blends superior build quality with a streamlined, lightweight core that makes casting a dream and playing fish a delight.

Anglers in the market for a budget carp rod will want to look elsewhere, as the Torrix does come with a higher price tag attached. However, I’d argue that, for those looking to invest in a quality carp rod, the Torrix is more than worth the investment. It’s built to last and can easily be used on most of the UK’s carp waters.

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