Sonik Xtractor Recon



Casting & Feel7.0
Playing Fish7.0
Value For Money8.5

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Features & Specifications Summary:

  • Available in 8 and 12 foot lengths
  • Test curves available include 2.5lb, 3lb, and 3.5lb
  • Slim carbon fibre blank
  • Progressive action
  • Super-light M-Series DL guides in black
  • Ceramic anti-frap tip ring
  • 40mm to 12mm ring sizes
  • 17mm black DPS reel seat
  • Contoured line clip
  • Slim Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Black ionised butt cap

  • Video Showing The Sonik Xtractor Recon In Action

    Why Anglers Choose The Sonik Xtractor Recon Carp Rod

    Carp fishing often throws up certain scenarios that require a bit of speciality that the bog standard 12ft rod isn’t suited for. Tight swims and smaller venues are examples of this.

    The Sonik Xtractor Recon is a prime example of a rod that can satisfy these unique needs. Carp fishermen choose this rod for its shorter length, progressive action and solid builds that make it a great option for smaller venues or for roaming and stalking purposes.

    And for those that actually prefer a 12-foot rod but dislike the additional length in storing and transporting, the recon has you covered as there is a 12-foot version that compacts down to just 50 inches!

    Anglers also choose this rod for its exceptional value for money. You get a lot of rod for your buck with the Xtractor Recon. This makes it a very popular option for those on a budget, those looking for an affordable specialist rod or even for children that need a decent rod that is shorter than the norm.

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    What eTackle Says About The Rod:

    The latest trend on the carp angling scene appears to be the use of shorter rods. Many fishermen are opting for 10 foot rods or shorter, even when fishing in easy-to-cast open swims.

    If you are an angler that is looking for shorter rod for your specific fishing circumstances then the Sonik Xtractor Recon is a good option, particlularly if you are on a budget.

    It is also a great option for those that prefer a traditional 12 foot rod yet still want an easy to transport, roaming rod that is compact when broken down.

    It comes in a unique length of 8 foot as well as a conventional 12 foot option and is a very popular option for those carp anglers who are looking to deploy a roaming approach to their fishing.

    It is also a great option for those looking for a decent travel rod or even children who would benefit from a shorter carp rod.

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