Korum Opportunist Surface Rod Review

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How It Scores



Build Quality7.5
Casting Ability8.0
Playing Fish7.5
Value For Money8.0

The Korum Opportunist Surface Rod offers an interesting mix of being able to fish in tight swims with a roaming approach whilst having the ability to reach feeding carp further out thanks to its solid, extendable build.

The Korum Opportunist Surface Rod is an affordably priced rod that offers some great features for surface and stalking fishing. In this in-depth review, I’ll break down the key features and performance of this versatile budget-friendly floater rod.

The Rods Features:

The Opportunist features an extendable carbon fibre blank that packs down small to just 12 inches but extends out to 12 feet when assembled. This makes it a great option as a travel rod.

It also offers the benefits that a more manoeuvrable and packable rod brings when roving between swims, while still providing 12 feet of casting length to reach fish that maybe feeding further out.

Korum Opportunist Surface Rod - Blank

The extendable blank on the Korum Opportunist Surface Rod

The slim handle is made from high-grade cork with a sleek, slim profile which feels comfortable to hold. The reel seat is pretty basic but does the job of keeping your reel solidly in place. I’m a big fan, however, of the matt black cosmetic finish which looks subtle, stylish and avoids any annoying glare.

Korum Opportunist Surface Rod - Reel Seat

The Korum Opportunist Surface Rods reel seat

The tip section utilises ‘anti frap’ technology which is a must for the likes of me who seems to always create knots and tangles when fishing with lighter lines and baits.

The rod’s core is built with a high-modulus carbon blank with Minima-style guides that really do help make the rod feel lightweight and well-balanced. The whole rod is finished off nicely with a metal cap on the butt giving it a very clean high-end rod appearance.

How It Performs:

First off, I really feel that this rod is very versatile. I know not all anglers are fans of the extendable type rods but it does allow you to use it in a variety of different fishing circumstances.

In testing, I used the rod in a fairly large, open swim but I can absolutely see the advantages of a 12-inch packed-down rod being set up in a tight, overgrown swim that probably sees less angler pressure.

With test curves of both 1.75 and 2.25 lb, it allows for light surface fishing baits. I personally prefer the 2.25lb test curve as it’s just about right for the tougher carp battles. However, if rivers are your scene, especially chasing after Barbel, the 1.75lb might be your pick.

During my review of the Korum Opportunist Surface Rod I caught carp mostly in the mid-double range up to 18lbs. I have to say a few of them gave me a run for my money and at times I struggled to stop some of the more powerful take-offs.

As a result, I don’t recommend using the rod close to snags as it lacks the power needed to bully fish when required. Having said that, playing fish felt good which isn’t always the case with telescopic rods.

Korum Opportunist Surface Rod - Guide

The Minima guides on Korum Opportunist Surface Rod

How It Compares:

For the money, the Korum Opportunist Surface Rod performs really well coming out with an overall rating of 7.8. Okay, so it’s not quite up there in terms of the performance of the Nash Flota Rota but it is a lot cheaper and does offer more versatility.

How It Scores Against Its Competitors

NameOverall RatingPrice
Nash Scope Black Ops Sawn Off8.6from £229.99
Korum Opportunist Surface Rod7.8from £44.99
Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod7.8from £44.99
Fox Horizon X3 Floater Fishing Rod8.1from £99.99
Korum Opportunist X Surface Rod7.8from £49.99
Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod8.2from £159.99

The Pros & Cons:


  • Extendable blank, ideal for tight swims.
  • Compact size (just 12 inches), perfect for travel.
  • Lightweight with a well-balanced feel.
  • Anti-frap tip allowing for fewer tangles.
  • Sleek, visually appealing design.
  • Excellent value for money


  • Lacks a degree of power for larger fish.
  • Potential issues when fishing near snags.

Value For Money:

Alright, let’s talk pounds and pennies. The price point on the Korum Opportunist Surface Rod is a winner, hands down. For those just dipping their toes into surface fishing for carp or who are maybe looking for a backup, this rod offers some seriously good bang for your buck.

The features packed into this rod at this price point? It’s like getting a gourmet meal for the price of a snack. You’d be hard-pressed to find another rod with this kind of value proposition.

Latest Prices

3 new from £34.99
as of 24 July 2024 18:41

Korum Opportunist Surface Rod Review: Final Verdict:

If you’re seeking an affordable yet well-appointed rod for surface fishing and stalking, the Korum Opportunist Surface Rod delivers in spades.

While it may have its limitations when dealing with big carp, its features and design make it a solid choice for both novices and more experienced anglers alike. If you’re on the hunt for a rod that offers adaptability, style, and value, this one is for you.

Hopefully, you have found this Korum Opportunist Surface Rod review helpful. If you would like to see more reviews on carp fishing rods, you can do so here.

Thanks for reading.

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