Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod Review

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How It Scores



Build Quality7.5
Casting Ability8.0
Playing Fish7.5
Value For Money8.5

The Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod balances affordability with quality beautifully. It’s a great surface rod that ticks a lot of boxes.

When summer hits and the carp are cruising on the surface, there’s nothing quite like having the right rod in your hand to make those sessions memorable. I recently got my mitts on the Wychwood FLTR, and my initial thoughts were that it looks good for one of the more budget options on the market.

But how did it perform?

Let’s find out…

The Rods Features:

Alright, diving straight in, the handle is pretty decent for the price point. It’s made of full cork which gives it a slightly nostalgic feel yet with a slight contemporary twist. It is actually fairly thin and I found it provides both comfort and control when surface fishing.

I also really like the minimalist yet classy look of the logo with green flecks just above the handle.

Wychwood FLTR Floater Rod - Logo and graphics

Good looking graphics on the Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod

Now, as for the rod’s blank, it’s okay. Given that it’s a budget option, the balanced and lightweight carbon build is commendable. It’s got a through action with a test curve of 2.25lb which felt great to play fish on but I would think twice using a rod this light if I was fishing near snags.

There are two different lengths to choose from at 10 and 12 feet. I tested the 12-foot version as I was fishing in an open swim, but for tight spaces, the 10-foot option may suit you better.

The reel seat is built from durable aluminium and has a really sleek low profile that continues the rod’s thin, minimalist aesthetic. It is a DPS-style seat that keeps your reel locked in place just fine.

The rod’s guides are custom-spaced and braid-friendly, which is a plus. But again, while they’re functional and do their job, they’re nothing to write home about when compared to the more premium surface rods.

The hook keeper ring near the reel collar is a really nice, practical touch, saving me a few minor hassles here and there.

How It Performs:

So, I tested the Wychwood Floater on a late afternoon/evening session on a local water that contained a good head of mid-doubles and twenties. After getting some carp feeding, I managed to hook a few and here are my thoughts on how it performs…

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it; this ain’t your high-end performance beast but for those casual surface sessions? It’s got your back.

The rod’s balanced and lightweight blank comes into its own here. It’s no secret that you’re not wielding the best rod on the market, but the through action does give you a fair bit of feedback and actually, playing mid-doubles was quite fun.

Casting-wise, the custom-spaced, braid-friendly guides pull their weight. They’re not groundbreaking by any stretch, but they let you cast with a fair amount of ease. I wasn’t smashing any personal best distances, but I got my bait where I needed it.

But considering its score of 7.9, just a touch below the top scorers, the Wychwood FLTR definitely punches above its price tag. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly surface rod that gets the job done without burning a hole in your pocket, this one’s worth considering.

How It Scores Against Its Competitors

NameOverall RatingPrice
Nash Scope Black Ops Sawn Off8.6from £229.99
Korum Opportunist Surface Rod7.8from £44.99
Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod7.8from £44.99
Fox Horizon X3 Floater Fishing Rod8.1from £99.99
Korum Opportunist X Surface Rod7.8from £49.99
Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod8.2from £159.99

The Pros & Cons:


  • Budget-Friendly: A decent performer without breaking the bank.
  • Balanced & Lightweight Blank: Offers good feedback, especially for a rod in its price range.
  • Full Cork Handle: A nod to traditional rod designs and provides an adequate grip.
  • Versatility: The model comes in both 10 and 12-foot versions to suit different fishing circumstances.
  • Hook Keeper Ring: A practical touch, especially when moving between spots.


  • Feel & Finish: Although functional, it lacks the luxury touch and finesse of higher-priced rods.
  • Limited Distance: Doesn’t allow for extremely long-distance casts.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While traditionally designed, it may not appeal to those looking for a modern look.

Value For Money:

When it comes to the rod’s pricing, the Wychwood FLTR certainly stakes its claim in the market. It’s no secret that in the carp fishing world, you often get what you pay for. But with the FLTR, what you’re getting is a solid, reliable surface rod that, while not being the crème de la crème, offers performance levels that are impressive for its price tag.

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Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod Review: Final Verdict:

In summary, the Wychwood FLTR, is a bit like your trusty old local pub down the road – it’s not the fanciest joint in town, but it delivers where it counts.

For those lazy, sun-soaked days chasing carp on the surface, this rod offers a surprisingly good experience given its budget tag.

With a score of 7.9, it’s a humble reminder that you don’t always need the priciest gear to have a decent fishing session. So, if you’re after value without sacrificing too much on performance, or maybe looking for a backup rod, the FLTR is a worthy contender.

Thanks for reading.

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