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Last Updated on 6 September 2023 by James Bevan

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Build Quality8.0
Casting Ability8.0
Weight & Balance8.0
Value For Money8.5

Quick Summary Of This Spod Rod Review:

The Trakker Propel spod rod scored an overall rating of 8.9 in testing which put it up there with some of the best on the market.

The rod is best suited for carp anglers looking for a premium spod rod that doesn’t come with a higher-end price tag.

The rod’s biggest strength is its build quality and casting ability being really good for its price bracket.

The rod’s biggest weakness is that it falls a little short in weight and balance compared to some of the pricier alternatives.

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    This Spod Rod8.1
    All Spod Rods8.4
    All Mid-Tier Spod Rods8.1

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