Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod Review

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How It Scores



Build Quality7.5
Casting Ability7.0
Weight & Balance7.5
Value For Money7.5

The Fox EOS pro spod rod is popular in the carp angling community thanks to its very affordable, budget price tag alongside the renowned quality you get with the Fox brand.

Long-range spodding and marker work are key to many carp angler’s approach, including my own. But most fishermen don’t want to pay the earth for a rod that doesn’t physically catch fish.

To meet these wishes, Fox produced the EOS spod and marker rod with the sole aim of providing a good quality hybrid rod with a budget price tag.

But does it perform as well as Fox says it does?

Let’s find out in this review.

The Rods Features:

The EOS Pro has a lightweight low resin carbon blank that I found easy to cast, even when loaded up with heavy spods. I thought the rod was well-balanced when used in conjunction with a big-pit style spod reel loaded with 25lb braid and used with a suitable shock leader.

My only slight gripe is that the blank is slightly thicker than some of the other spod & marker rods out there.

Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod Blank

The Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod blank

The full shrink-wrap handle is comfortable to hold and provides a good grip which is helped by the flared butt. It is finished off nicely with the Fox logo printed on the butt cap.

Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod Handle

The handle and butt cap

Moving up the blank, the EOS Pro has thin, lightweight SLIK Air guides which help reduce friction as the braid glides through. This definitely contributes to the rod’s smooth casting performance. It’s finished off with an anti-frap tip guide to prevent any nasty tangles.

Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod Eye

The thin SLIK Air guides on the EOS Pro Spod & Marker Rod

The reel seat is a sturdy 18mm type that can accommodate a wide range of reel sizes and models. It feels really secure, with a carbon hood and stainless fittings. Overall the matt black finish and stealthy graphics give this rod a very understated, simple look on the bank.

How It Performs:

Performance-wise, this rod does well at launching out spods with power and accuracy. The stiff 5lb test curve gives it enough backbone to comfortably handle heavy spod loads. I was able to achieve distances of around 100 yards even in windy conditions and I’m nowhere near a distance casting guru.

In terms of its performance when used as a marker rod, I personally prefer a slightly softer test curve. Despite this, the EOS Pro does have a degree of versatility that makes it very usable for both spodding and marking duties.

Casting feels smooth and controlled thanks to the SLIK Air guides and 50mm butt ring. The braid flows off the end section with no hesitation and the anti-frap tip prevents any tangles both during flight and the retrieve.

The features all combine nicely to make a rod that can consistently and accurately deliver spods at distance.

How It Compares Against Its Competitors

As you’ll see in the table below, the EOS Pro Spod & Marker rod scored an overall rating of 7.4 in testing.

It didn’t quite make it in our list of the best spod rods we have tested but as a budget rod, it wasn’t far from the performance of the Daiwa Black Widow XT which scored highest.

NameOverall RatingPrice
Shimano TX A Spod Rod8.8from £79.99
Nash Dot Spod Rod8.6from £169.99
Harrison Torrix Spod Rod9.1from £369.00
Daiwa Infinity X45 Spod Rod9.3from £324.99
Daiwa Black Widow XT Spod Rod8from £54.99
Sonik Xtractor Spod Rod7.6from £53.00
Trakker Propel Spod Rod8.9from £167.99
Onyx Quickdraw Spod Rod7.3from £49.99
Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod7.4from £69.99
Fox Horizon X3 Spod & Marker Rod8.1from £89.99
Daiwa Emcast Spod Rod8.3from £59.00
Century Stealth Graphene Spod Rod9from £498.99

The Pros & Cons:


  • The SLIK air guides are thin and lightweight
  • Nice and comfortable full-length shrink handle
  • Simplistic understated graphics with a matt black finish
  • The 50mm butt ring and anti-frap tip helps with its casting performance
  • Available in 12 and 13-foot lengths
  • Great value for money


  • The 5lb test curve is a little too stiff for me when I’m using it as a marker rod. 
  • I feel the rod is better suited as a spod rod rather than a hybrid.
  • Only one handle choice

Value For Money:

When you consider the performance, features, and components – I’d say the EOS Pro provides fantastic value for money. The carbon blank, guides, reel seat and other fittings are all made of good quality materials that you would expect with the Fox brand.

For any carp angler looking to maximise their budget, this rod really delivers. You’ll be far-fetched to find another spod rod with similar specs and quality at this price level. It’s the perfect option for anglers wanting an affordable workhorse that does the job it’s intended for, really well.

Latest Prices

5 new from £69.99
as of 24 July 2024 18:41

Fox EOS Pro Spod Rod Review: Final Verdict:

In my assessment, the Fox EOS Pro Spod & Marker Rod is a really decent offering, especially for those who have either just taken up carp fishing or are just looking for an affordable option that won’t let you down.

It has a great balance of power, precision, and smoothness that you need in a dedicated spod rod. The highlight for me is the SLIK Air guides, which help provide excellent casting performance.

The rod can easily handle heavy spod loads at long distances, as well as double up for marker duties when needed. And at this very fair price point, it’s incredible value for your money.

For a good-quality spod rod without the premium cost, the Fox EOS Pro truly delivers.

Thanks for reading.

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