Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel

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Build Quality - 7.5

Cast & Retrieve - 7.0

Drag / Clutch - 7.0

Value For Money - 9.0

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The Sonik Vader range of Carp fishing gear has a great reputation of being excellent value for money whilst doing exactly the job its made for.

The 8000 RS Spod Reel does exactly that. Its a tailor made reel that does exactly what is says on the tin i.e. fires out spods and retrieves them efficiently without any fuss.

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as of 13 June 2024 13:41

Features & Specs List With An Explanation

Feature Explanation
Gear Ratio 4.1:1, providing a retrieval rate of 1.1 metres per handle turn
Line Capacity 0.30mm/370m, 0.35mm/280m, 0.40mm/220m, suitable for various fishing needs
Ball Bearings 5+1 ball bearings which is great for a  smooth retrieve
Drag System Quick-Torque drag system for fast and precise adjustments
Line Clips Twin spring-loaded captive line clips which helps to bait up more than one spot
Handle Matt black anodised aluminium handle with a unique looking wood barrel knob
Weight 620g, which is an average amongst top spod reels 
Body Material Graphite body and rotor for strength and durability
Pre-loaded Line Supplied with 200 metres of 30lb braid, ready for use

How The Reel Compares To Its Competitors

Here’s how the Sonik Vader X 8000 RS compared to other spod reels we have reviewed:

NameOverall RatingPrice
Daiwa 23 Superspod 45 SCW8.8from £169.99
Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel8.6from £134.99
Shimano Ultegra 5500 XTD8.5from £134.99
Avid Pro Spod Marker Reel7.8from £94.99
Shimano Aerlex 10000 XTB Spod Reel7.9from £79.99
Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel7.6from £44.99

Build Quality

Build Quality
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What Does This Mean?

When we assess the build quality of a fishing reel, we test and review the materials used in manufacturing the reel and how it all comes together in the finished product.

The overall build quality of the 8000 RS is designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use you get from spodding. 

The body and the rotor is made from graphite which is pretty standard as reels go but this does ensure the durability of the reel is good whilst keeping it low in weight at 622g.

The reel’s sleek matte black finish gives it a modern and stylish look whilst the wooden barrel knob adds a touch of uniqueness to it. 

Overall the build of the reel combines aesthetics with functionality really well. 

Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel - solid graphite build
Solid yet lightweight graphite build

Cast And Retrieve Performance

Casting & Retrieve
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What Does This Mean?

This part of the review is fairly self-explanatory and focuses on how well the reel casts and how smooth the retrieve is.

Distance isn’t a factor in this assessment whereas accuracy and efficiency is.

On top of the actual, physical performance of the reel we also look at the number and type of ball bearings, the spool, line lay and the gear ratio in comparison to its required use.

With a gear ratio of 4.1:1, the Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel offers a decent retrieval rate but one that does fall short with its more premium competitors. This doesn’t make a huge difference but it does take a few more winds to retrieve the spod fully.

The spool design, combined with the oversized twist-free line roller, does ensure casting is smooth, while the twin spring-loaded captive line clips do the job nicely and hold solid even with a significant over cast.

Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel -Spooled Up
Solid twin-loaded captive line clips

Drag / Clutch

Drag / clutch
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What Does This Mean?

When reviewing the drag system on a fishing reel we are testing how smooth the drag is and how convenient it is to use.

There is no bias as to whether a reel has a front or rear drag system, it is solely judged on how smooth it can take out line relative to the amount of pressure that it is being applied.

The Vader X 8000 features a quick-torque drag system which is rare to see on a budget type reel. It can be adjusted from loose to tight in just half a turn which can be really useful when doubling up the reel for some marker work or even fishing with it if needs be. 

Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel - Quick Torque Drag
Quick Torque drag system is a great feature

Value For Money

Value For Money
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What Does This Mean?

Self-explanatory in terms of an assessment but yet an important part of the review process. This is because it creates more of a level playing field.

Of course, the more expensive a reel is the more quality components it will have and as such will generally score higher.

Having value for money as a criterion allows us to judge how well a reel performs vs its price point and in turn allows us to recognise good-performing reels at bargain prices.

With a price point of around £50 this reel offers fantastic value for money so much so that it is featured as our best budget spod reel in our full guide. Okay so its not the best on the market but for the money it performs above its value and is a great option for beginners to the sport or maybe as a backup for those anglers that like to be super prepared.

The Pros & Cons Of The Sonik Vader X 8000 RS Spod Reel

Here is a list of pros and cons anglers have found with the Vader X 8000 Spod reel:



9 new from £83.45
1 used from £61.71
as of 13 June 2024 13:41

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Sonik Sports Official Specifications –

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