Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod Review

A full and comprehensive assessment of the Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod

Last Updated on 25 November 2023 by James Bevan

How It Scores



Casting & Feel7.5
Playing Fish7.2
Value For Money7.5
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Who Is The Rod Most Suitable For:

The Daiwa Crosscast XT is an entry-level carp rod that is popular with anglers who seek a reputable brand such as Daiwa but at an affordable price.

It resonates with beginners to the sport or those looking to upgrade from a budget-type carp rod. Anglers looking for an affordable 10ft stalking rod that has a good amount of power to it will also find the Crosscast a viable option thanks to its powerful 3.5lb test curve blank.

Features & Specifications Summary:

  • Lengths available in 10, 12 & 13ft lengths
  • Test Curves available in 3 & 3.5lbs
  • Stainless steel butt cap
  • Stainless steel guides with LS rings
  • Shrink handle with Flared Butt
  • High Modulus carbon blank with 1k woven carbon reinforcement
  • 50mm butt guide on all 12 and 13ft rods
  • Seaguide DPS reel seat

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    How This Rod Compares Against Its Competition:

    NameOverall RatingPrice
    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod7.5from £69.99
    Daiwa Emcast Carp Rod7.9from £99.99
    Fox Horizon X3 Floater Fishing Rod8.1from £99.99
    Nash X Series Carp Rod7.8from £69.99
    Fox EOS Pro Tele Fishing Rod7.3from £49.99
    Fox Horizon X3 Carp Rod8.5from £99.99

    How The Rod Compares To The Averages:

    Daiwa Crosscast XT7.5
    All Carp Rods8.3
    All Affordable Carp Rods8.1

    Product Review Summary From Some Experts:

    "Looking at the key features of the Crosscast Carp Rods, it's evident that they offer excellent value for money without compromising on build quality"
    More Details

    Here is another video review from Angling Times which includes a look at the Daiwa Crosscast Reel as well.

    Here’s How Other Anglers Have Reviewed The Rod:

    “Great equipment at a great price” (1)

    Review Source:

    1. Total Fishing Tackle

    The Different Variations Of The Rod & How They Are Best Applied:

    Length Test Curve Ideal For Max Cast Distance
    10 ft 3.5lb Small to medium sized waters where fishing for larger specimens or near snags / weed. 100 yds
    12 ft 3lb Medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 120 yds
    12 ft 3.5lb Medium to Larger venue where a little more distance is required and when larger fish are being targeted 140yds
    13 ft 3.5lb Large waters where distance casting and fishing for specimens is the aim 150yds

    The Rods Features Up Close:

    The handle

    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod Handle

    One thing I instantly fell for with this rod is the ultra-slim Japanese shrink handle. It’s not just lightweight but also provides a super firm grip even in wet conditions.

    With a flared butt adding to my control during casts, it’s clear these guys haven’t skimped on usability.

    The reel seat

    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod Reel Seat

    Now, let’s talk about this Seaguide reel seat. It snugly fits my reels (which are big pits), ensuring perfect alignment and zero wobble, enhancing overall stability during those tense fights.

    Finished in matte black, it also adds a slick, professional look to the rod.

    The eyes/guides

    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod Eye

    The stainless steel guides with LS rings on this rod are a nice addition. I was impressed by the low friction, which definitely gave my casts that extra bit of distance.

    On the 12 and 13-foot models, you get a 50mm butt ring as standard, which is a bonus for controlling line flow.

    The blank

    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod Blank

    As for the blank, it’s made from high-modulus carbon with a reinforced section of 1k weave above the reel seat.

    I feel the rod offers a good solid backbone and a lot of casting power, considering how super-slim and lightweight it is.

    My only gripe with it is that it lacks a little subtlety when playing fish.

    The Pros & Cons Of The Product


    • You can’t overlook the high modulus carbon blank, reinforced with 1k weave, that this rod brings to the table. It’s light, slim, yet incredibly strong – something any serious carp angler can appreciate
    • The shrink handle is ultra-slim and comes with a flared butt, offering great grip and control
    • The stainless steel guides with LS rings on these rods are a big plus. Low friction and improved line control are key for distance casting and these guides deliver in spades
    • The Seaguide reel seat ensures your reel sits rock solid. It’s not just about the added stability during a fight, it’s also a neat touch to the rod’s sleek aesthetics


    • I love the versatility of these rods but, in my book, the 10-foot model would be a real winner if they offered it in a 3lb or 3.25lb test curve. The current 3.5lb option just feels a touch overpowered for those intimate, close-quarters situations
    • The rod does lack a little subtlety when playing fish

    ETackle’s Thoughts & Opinions:

    In summary, when I first started to test the Daiwa Crosscast I could easily tell why its such a popular option amongst carp anglers.

    It looks good, its got some nice aesthetics and the 1k weave blank, albeit a pretty standard feature, offers assurances of quality.

    The guides aswell add to the rods casting ability thanks to their low friction design and the fact that the 12 and 13 foot models come with a 50mm butt ring as standard.

    When testing the 10 foot option, I felt it was slightly out of balance with the 3.5lb test curve being the only option. I would have definetly liked to have seen a 3 or 3.25lb test curve just so the blank wasnt too stiff when fishing at close quarters.

    Overall though it scored admirably with an overall rating of 7.5. It Pips the likes of the Daiwa Black Widow and the Fox EOS Pro in appearance but falls behind the curve when playing fish slightly when comparing to the likes of the Sonik Insurgent and the Emcast.

    It might not be the highest scoring rod in my reviews, but it’s a consistent performer that delivers where it counts, providing a balanced fusion of strength, control, and aesthetics. All in all, it’s a rod that should make any carp angler’s shortlist especially when looking for a decent and affordable option.
    James Bevan

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