Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod Review

Last Updated on 12 October 2023 by James Bevan

How It Scores



Casting & Feel7.5
Playing Fish7.5
Value For Money7.5
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Who Is The Rod Most Suitable For:

The Avid Traction Pro carp rod is actually suitable for a wide range of anglers thanks to its many different versions of lengths and test curves.

For example, the occasional stalker may enjoy the 10ft 3lb test curve model whereas a specimen hunter on a big pit may air towards the 12 ft 3.5lb test curve option.

At an affordable price also, the rod is aimed towards the majority of anglers in the UK with only maybe those anglers looking for a real premium, top-of-the-range carp rod being exempt from this.

Features & Specifications Summary:

  • Lengths available include 10ft and 12ft
  • Test Curves available include 3, 3.25 & 3.5lbs
  • Reactive carbon also helps absorb the lunges of fighting fish
  • Offers a unique take on a traditional parabolic action
  • Reactive carbon fibre technology
  • Offering distance gains with minimal effort
  • Wrapped in matt 3k weave

  • Video Showing Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod In Action:

    How This Rod Compares Against Its Competition:

    NameOverall RatingPrice
    Daiwa Crosscast XT Carp Rod7.5from £69.99
    Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod7.4from £79.99
    Daiwa Emcast Carp Rod7.9from £99.99
    Fox Horizon X3 Floater Fishing Rod8.1from £99.99
    Nash X Series Carp Rod7.8from £69.99
    Fox EOS Pro Tele Fishing Rod7.3from £49.99
    Fox Horizon X3 Carp Rod8.5from £99.99

    How The Rod Compares To The Averages:

    Avid traction Pro Carp Rod7.4
    All Carp Rods8.3
    All Affordable Carp Rods8.1

    Product Review Summary From Some Experts:

    "The Traction Pros come with a 1k-weave blank that's lighter, provides better recovery during casting, and offers improved distances"
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    Here’s How Other Anglers Have Reviewed The Rod:

    “Looks fantastic just the job” (1)

    Review Source:

    1. Total Fishing Tackle

    The Different Variations Of The Rod & How They Are Best Applied:

    Length Test Curve Ideal For Max Cast Distance
    10 ft 3lb Small to medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 80 yds
    10 ft 3.5lb Small to medium sized waters where fishing for larger specimens or near snags / weed. 100 yds
    12 ft 3lb Medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 120 yds
    12 ft 3.25lb Medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 130 yds
    12 ft 3.5lb Medium to Larger venue where a little more distance is required and when larger fish are being targeted 150yds

    The Rods Features Up Close:

    The handle

    Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod Handle

    The handle is wrapped in a full Japanese shrink wrap which is comfortable and easy on the hands on both the cast and the fight.

    It is though the only material offered by Avid in this model which won’t please the traditional, cork-loving, anglers out there.

    The reel seat

    Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod Reel Seat

    The reel seat on the Avid Traction Pro is a standard DPS type that fits in nicely with the rest of the rod’s aesthetics.

    I had no issues with the reel seat when testing this rod and my reel remained solidly in place throughout the whole session.

    The eyes/guides

    Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod Guide

    Similar to the reel seat, the guides blend in nicely with the overall look of the rod.

    They are pretty bog standard in the way that they do the job, however, Avid hasn’t gone to town with this feature for example they aren’t as lightweight as some of the competition.

    There is also no anti-frap tip which lets the model down slightly.

    The blank

    Avid Traction Pro Carp Rod Blank

    The Traction Pros blank is where the model has moved forward in comparison to the original model.

    They utilise the popular 1k weave that you see on a lot of newer rods on the market. It’s finished off nicely with an anti-glare coating and a laser-etched butt cap.

    It also boasts a handy line clip on all models.

    The Pros & Cons Of The Product


    • The blank is a step on from the previous model
    • I felt the rod was nicely balanced on the cast thanks to its slower power build
    • It’s good to see lots of models available to suit different angler’s requirements
    • It’s a simple but nice-looking rod
    • The laser-etched line clip is a nice touch


    • The blank feels a bit chunkier compared to some of the competition. I’ve used slimmer rods in my time, and although it doesn’t affect the rod’s performance, it might take some getting used to for some anglers
    • No anti-frap tip
    • Only available in a shrink-wrap handle

    ETackle’s Thoughts & Opinions:

    The Avid Traction Pro carp rod is certainly a step up from the previous version but, for me, not enough of one to make a huge difference when comparing it to the original.

    Yes, the blank has seen an improvement and yes it does cast better. However, by scrimping slightly on the guides, when it comes to playing fish, I didn’t feel an improvement.

    There are some really nice touches on the rod such as the anti-glare, understated finish which will absolutely appeal to some anglers and I really like the full shrink handle that was very comfortable to hold.

    The rod does come in many variations and all of them were nicely balanced. If you’re a fan of fishing with a 10ft carp rod then I can recommend the 10ft, 3lb option. This is my pick of the bunch and for me, is a credible stalking carp rod.

    Overall, the Traction Pro is a solid rod that does perform well, I was just left a little disappointed that Avid hadn’t gone a couple of steps further with some of the features compared to the original.
    James Bevan

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