Daiwa N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod Review

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Build Quality - 8.0

Casting Ability - 8.5

Playing Fish - 8.0

Value For Money - 8.5

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The Guru N-Gauge is a unique-looking tool that balances all-round performance at an affordable price. Its solid overall performance has ensured it is placed in our list of top pellet waggler rods.

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4 new from £84.00
as of 16 April 2024 19:21

From the moment I first saw and held the Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod in my hands, I knew it was something a bit different – but in a good way.

Designed with the input of some of the best match anglers, including Adam Rooney and Steve Ringer, this rod promised a blend of performance and style that certainly piqued my curiosity.

Having spent a few hours on the water with it on a local commercial fishery I was able to put the rod through its paces to see how it performed. Here’s what I found…

The Rods Build Quality & Features

Build Quality
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When rating the build quality of a rod,
consideration has been given to the basic components.

These include the materials used in the blank,
handle, reel seat and line guides.

We also take into account any additional features
that make life on the bank easier for anglers.

The build of the N-Gauge is actually quite impressive. It’s crafted with a stable carbon build, featuring a comfortable handle made from a mix of Duplon and cork.

Now I’m not usually a fan of mixing two different types of material in the handle but the extravagant look and branding of the rod seems to take away what would normally look a bit odd. 

N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod 7
The handle on the Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod

The rod features a fairly standard screw-down reel seat. I say standard, but actually, the look and feel of it does exude a degree of quality as opposed to some of the cheaper, more plastic-looking reel seats you see on more inferior rods.

The design of the seat actually makes it very easy to attach any type of reel and hold it solid for the entire session.

Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler -Reel Seat
The reel seat

In summary, the N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod scored a commendable 8.0 for its build quality in testing, which is a testament to its all-round performance.

While it may have not reached the lofty heights of the Daiwa Airity X Match Rod in this category, it’s important to note that it comes at about a quarter of the price, offering good value for money.

Features & Specs List

  • Available in 10 and 11 foot lengths
  • Duplon and cork mix for comfort and durability.
  • Stable carbon construction with progressive action.
  • Oversized Seaguide eyes for optimal casting performance.
  • Officially a casting weight of 15g, but performs well with 20g.
  • Solid screw type reel seat
  • Handy hook ring
  • Attractive Guru branding and colour scheme.

Casting Performance

Casting Ability
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How a rod casts is one of the key fundamentals
that determine a great rod from a mediocre one.

Easy, frictionless casting that provides accuracy
and distance is all rated in this category.

The casting performance of the Guru N-Gauge is where it scored highest in its review with a very respectable 8.5.

I found that the power generated from the butt section through to the tip aids in achieving smooth and accurate casts which is very important with the pellet waggler method.

The oversized Seaguide eyes play a crucial role in this, minimising friction and preventing tangles.

Despite the manufacturer’s guidelines stating a maximum casting weight of 15g for both the 10 and 11-foot versions, I actually used a 20g pellet waggler float on the 11-foot rod as I had fish feeding at around 30 yards out. With this weight it performed admirably.

Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler - SeaGuide Rings
The Seaguide rings on the Guru N-Gauge

Playing Fish

Playing Fish
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The ability to play fish effectively is an
important feature of any fishing rod.

Fishing is a sport, and as part of
this sport, feeling the pulls, lunges and the
fight of a fish is an exhilarating feeling
that adds to the overall experience and enjoyment
of angling.

As such, this is all taken into account
when rating fishing rods.

I caught fish up to around 7llb when testing the N’Gauge pellet waggler rod and I have to say it did a good job of controlling the fight and absorbing lunges where needed. Again, I believe this to be down to the powerful butt section that the rod boasts.

Having said that, I felt it had a little bit too much power for the smaller fish and lacked just a little bit of finesse at times.

Having tested the subtlely tipped Shimano Aero X5 Pellet Waggler Rod (which had a perfect balance of finesse and power), I felt that perhaps the rod was too geared towards the F1s and Carp.

Having said that, and to counter this argument, these fish are the main target for the pellet waggler method the majority of the time.

N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod 4
The blank and tip on the N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod

Value For Money

Value For Money
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How much any fishing rod costs is always
going to be a key factor in an
angler’s final choice.

A rod can have all the bells and
whistles under the sun but if you have
to re-mortgage your house to purchase it then
all of a sudden it isn’t the best
choice for some.

When rating how much value for money a
rod brings, consideration has been given to how
the rod performs in all the other categories
vs its price point.

As I said previously, the N-Gauge Pellet Waggler offers really good all-round performance without excelling in any one particular area.

All-round rods are often the choice of beginners or casual anglers as they cater for many different scenarios without having to have a whole arsenal of gear.

As an all-round rod, it offers very good value for money and scores 8.5 in this category. Its versatility and suitability for anglers of all abilities, at around the £100 mark is the main factor to this.

4 new from £84.00
as of 16 April 2024 19:21

Other Expert Reviews

One of our trusted expert reviewers has also put the N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod through its paces. A summary of the Angling Times review is as follows…

Quote Marks

The Guru 11ft N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod is praised for its exceptional balance of quality, performance, and affordability, making it a standout choice for pellet waggler fishing enthusiasts.

Designed to handle the demands of catching big fish with heavy payloads, it features a comfortable grip, lightweight guides for smooth casting and minimal tangles, and a robust action suitable for larger catches.

Priced competitively, this rod is described as the “Goldilocks rod” for being just right in many aspects, from its balanced action and power to its ease of transport with two equal-length sections.

Source: https://www.anglingtimes.co.uk/tackle-reviews/rods/guru-11ft-n-gauge-pellet-waggler-rod-review/

The Pros & Cons Of The Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod

Here is a list of pros and cons I found with the Guru N-Gauge Pellet Waggler Rod when reviewing it:



How The Rod Compares To Its Competitors

Here’s how the Daiwa Matchman compared to other pellet waggler rods we have reviewed:

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Guru N-Gauge is a solid, all-round pellet waggler rod with impressive casting ability, coupled with the strength to play big fish where needed.

While it may not surpass every high-end rod in every category, its overall package of features, performance, and price makes it a standout choice.

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