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To help you choose, please check out the following summary videos:

Features of a basic shop

Features of a Premium Shop

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If you've decided please select a shop type..

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Basic Shop
Free to setup shop
6% selling fee
Ideal for the casual user and those that have only got a few items to sell.
Your own, easy to use seller dashboard
The ability to brand your eTackle shop
Create unlimited product listings
Manage your own shipping methods & costs
Manage your orders within the seller dashboard
Easy to use summary page of all orders and sales within your own dashboard
Access to tutorials & videos to help you setup your shop
Import products that may be listed on other sites via CSV document.
Unlimited support from the eTackle support team
6% selling fee
Premium Shop *Free Offer*
Free for testers for 3 months £5.95 / month & 5% selling fee thereafter
Designed for professional users & Business owners in the angling industry.
All of the features in a basic shop plus the following....
No selling fees for 3 months (5% thereafter)
Create your own store policies
Create your own promotional coupons
External store url link available
Advanced seller reports tool
Seller holidays advanced tool - to remove your products from sale temporarily whilst away
Add & manage employees advanced tool - Add staff to your dashboard with differing levels of access
PDF invoices - Automatically creates invoices & packing slips for your customers that are customisable
Shop stock alert advanced tool - Helps you to manage your stores inventory and alerts you when stock is low
Shop SEO and analytics - Allows you to optionally add SEO keywords to your products to help them rank within search engines
Add products with variations to be easily listed as one listing
Add Grouped & bundled products to increase your sales through exposure of your other products in different listings.
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Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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