5 Tips For Spodding With A 10ft Spod Rod

Last Updated on 21 March 2024 by James Bevan

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The world of fishing is constantly evolving, and one such innovation that’s making waves is the use of a 10ft rod for spodding. A decade ago, longer rods dominated the market, but with a resurgence of interest in active and mobile fishing, the shorter 10ft rods are gaining favour.

This shift is partly due to their versatility and partly due to the fact that they can sometimes just make things simpler. In this article, we’ll explore five top tips for spodding with a 10ft spod rod.

Let’s get straight into it…

Tip 1: – Be Realistic With Your Expectations

So what I mean by being realistic is that quite simply, you can cast a 12 or 13-foot rod further than a 10ft rod. This is because there is a longer lever on the 12 and 13 foot rods and as such you can create a larger arc in your casting motion which in turn creates a greater forward force. So don’t expect to be able to cast 120 yards plus with a 10ft spod rod.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you cant cast decent distances with a 10-foot spod rod. Expect distances of up to 80 yards with the right rod and the right technique.

Tip 2: – Choose A Well-Balanced Test Curve

A typical 12-foot spod rod will usually come in test curves of 4.5 to 5lb and this is perfect for this rod length. However, with the shorter spod rods a 5lb test curve+ will be too stiff and unbalanced.

I have found that a test curve of 4lb and a maximum of 4.5lb is the happy medium that will allow enough flex to fire a loaded spod out smoothly and accurately.

Tip 3: – Ensure The Features Of The Rod Are Sufficient

A common trait of all the best spod rods that I have tested and reviewed is that the features have been well-designed and well-thought-out.

The blank ideally needs to be made of high-quality carbon fibre that is lightweight yet powerful. The reel seat needs to be capable of holding the spod reel firmly in place preferably with a DPS style for added security.

The eyes also need to be made from a material that is as frictionless as possible with a minimum of 40mm diameter as a butt ring and ideally a minimum of 12mm at the tip with an anti-frap design.

A great example of a 10ft spod rod that utilises all these best practices in its build is the Sonik Xtractor.

Features of a 10ft spod rod

The reel seat, guides, and blank all need to be sufficient quality in a 10-foot spod rod

Tip 4: – Use A Shock Leader When Spodding With A 10ft Spod Rod

Using a shock leader when spodding isn’t necessary but advisable and even more so in a 10-foot spod rod. This is because there is less carbon than that on a longer rod to absorb the shock of the cast.

The use of a shock leader will help absorb the initial forces of the cast that can lead to crack-offs and breakages if your gear isn’t up to scratch. There are many different types of shock leader available but speaking from personal experience I always use a braided leader of around 50lb test such as the Korda Armakord.

Tip 5: – Use A Finger Stall

Using a shorter spod rod with possibly a smaller reel in potentially a more confined space sounds like there is more opportunity for something to go wrong.

One thing you don’t want to go wrong is finding your index finger sliced open by your mainline or leader. Not only does this hurt but it’s also a surefire way of cutting your fishing session shorter. (no pun intended!)

Using a finger stall is a cheap and safe way to keep your body parts intact when firing out a tonne of bait. This one by Fox is a great option.

A finger stall used whilst spodding

Always use a finger stall when spodding

Final Thoughts

Fishing is as much about skill as it is about the gear you use. The emergence of the 10ft spod rod in the carp angling community is a testament to how innovations can reshape our experiences on the bank. While it might lack the sheer casting power of its longer counterparts, the 10ft spod rod compensates with its agility, simplicity, and adaptability. 

By heeding the tips mentioned above, you can maximise the potential of these shorter rods, ensuring efficient spodding and hopefully seeing more carp on the bank.

You can check out our reviews on some recommended 10-foot spod rods here.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Casting!

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