Why does eTackle use Stripe?

Etackle uses Stripe as a payment gateway with its shops. The reason eTackle uses Stripe is down to its numerous benefits; with security and its competitive gateway fee being 2 fundamental reasons as to why.

By using Stripe, it means that you instantly receive your sales revenue (minus fees) at the point the customer buys your product rather than having to wait a few days or weeks like some other marketplace platforms. You can find out more about Stripe here.

n.b – You cannot sell products on eTackle without a Stripe account.


Setting up you Stripe Payment Account on eTackle

You can setup your Stripe Account within the shop setup pages when you first log into your eTackle shop or by following the steps below:

  1. Within your dashboard click on shop settings >>> payment setup. Click on the down arrow and then Stripe connect followed by the Connect with Stripe button that appears as shown below:

Fishing Tackle Shop

2. If you already have a Stripe Account, you can log into it from here and connect your account with eTackle. If you do not have an account then the form on this screen will need to be filled in and an account created. Most of the fields are self explanatory but we will explain some of the fields as follows:

Within the first few boxes in the form there are fields required for a business website and business description. You can insert your website url, if you have one, in this box however if you dont eTackle creates one for you. This can be found in your store settings and is quite simply https://www.etackle.co.uk/shop/[your shop name]

In the business type and description boxes, we recommend you select retail >>> other merchandise and type a simple description. Please see example below: 

Fishing Tackle Shop

The account details & the Individual or sole proprietor details section, sounds very formal but it really isnt. Insert the information in the fields that are not marked as optional with the relevant information. If you do not have a business address, its fine to input your home address details into this box and then duplicate this information in the home address section.

N.b. – Its important to insert your correct phone number in the relevant box as this is used as security to log you into your account.

In the credit card details section, we recommend you insert your eTackle shop name in the ‘Statement descriptor’ box and in the support phone number box, again, please double check you insert the correct phone number here as is used to login to your account.

Next insert your bank account details. This is the bank account that will be used to pay your sales revenue into.

Finally insert your email address and a password for your Stripe account.

You will see a button at the bottom called ‘Authorize access to this account’. This button will remain greyed out until you action the Two-step authentication process either via text message or authenticator app.

Fishing Tackle Shop

Once the form is fully completed, click on on the ‘Authorize access to this account’ button.

Following a short processing time you will be returned to your etackle dashboard and you are now setup to start receiving payments from your eTackle shop!

You can now login to your stripe account through their website, their phone app or by clicking here.

There are many help pages on the Stripe website itself but to help you get started in navigating around your Stripe dashboard you can click on the Stripe dashboard documentation here.