Sell fishing products online with eTackle...

We exist to support local businesses in the Angling Trade!

Our Mission Statement...

We exist to allow small businesses & entrepreneurs in the Angling trade to grow & flourish whilst providing a platform of varied choice to the Angling customer.

We do this by allowing you to create an online shop to sell fishing products with which we market to the Angling customer.

With an eTackle shop you get the following:

FREE To Setup

We are cheaper then any other online marketplace and the most relevant as we niche in the fishing industry.  

Powerful Tools

Our tools and services make it easy to manage, promote and grow your fishing business online. 

24/7 Support

Our support service and help guides will assist in every step to make your online shop a success.

So why should I bother with eTackle?

  • Take the hassle away of selling on your own website.
  •  Cheaper than any other shop type market place
  • Really easy to list and manage products
  • Really easy to migrate your products from etsy & ebay if required.
  • Our Mission statement is all about supporting local fishing shops and business's to sell fishing products.
  • We Niche in the angling industry so will be the most relevant market-place for you and your customers.
  • There are NO listing fees, you only pay a fee if your products sell!.

So how does it work?

It's easy to start selling online with eTackle in just 4 simple steps...


Register, create a shop and brand it.


Setup how you get paid, your policies and your delivery info.


List or import your products.


Let your products sell, deliver them and grow  your business.

So how much does it cost?

Enjoy Lower fees than any other Marketplace

Affordable, transparent, and secure

It doesn’t cost a thing to list items on eTackle and to sell fishing products. You only pay after your stuff sells. It’s just a small percent of the money you earn. Remember though there is no Sellers (final value fee) for 3 months!

6% / 10%

Selling Fee dependant on shop type


+20p payment

processing fee 

(via Stripe)

So what next?

There are 2 shop types of shop on eTackle to choose from...

Basic Shop

6% Fee

Ideal for the casual user and those that have only got a few items to sell. 6% selling fee on each item sold.

  • Your own, easy to use seller dashboard
  • The ability to brand your eTackle shop
  • Create unlimited product listings
  • Manage your own shipping methods & costs
  • Manage your orders within the seller dashboard
  • Easy to use summary page of all orders and sales within your own dashboard
  • Access to tutorials & videos to help you setup your shop
  • Import products that may be listed on other sites via CSV document.
  • Unlimited support from the eTackle support team

Premium Shop

10% Fee

Designed for professional users & Business owners in the angling industry. 10% selling fee on each item sold.

  • All of the features in a basic shop plus the following....
  • Create your own store policies
  • Create your own promotional coupons
  • External store url link available
  • Advanced seller reports tool
  • Seller vacation advanced tool - to remove your products from sale temporarily whilst away
  • Add & manage staff advanced tool - Add staff to your dashboard with differing levels of access
  • PDF invoices - Automatically creates invoices & packing slips for your customers that are customisable
  • Add products with variations to be easily listed as one listing
  • Add Grouped & bundled products to increase your sales through exposure of your other products in different listings.



Simple, fast and effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Min 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi



Simpler, faster and  more effective flexible move

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Min 16 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Flexible hours



Simple, fast and just for you

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Min 18 team members
  • Superfast wifi


How do fees work on eTackle?

Joining and starting a shop on eTackle is free. There are two basic selling fees: A transaction fee, and a payment processing fee.

Once an item sells, there is a 6% sellers fee on the sale price (including shipping costs). There is also a payment processing fee that payment gateway companies charge, eTackle uses Stripe.

There is an option to become a premium shop member that comes with a sellers fee of 10%. This gives you more advanced seller options within your dashboard and is designed for users with a lot of products to sell or a business in the Angling Industry.

For more information, please take a look at our fees policy.

What do I need to do to create a shop?

It's easy to set up a shop with eTackle. Create an eTackle seller account by clicking on 'Create a shop now!' in the seller options tab in the top menu or at the bottom of the page (mobile devices) or by clicking here. 

Select your shop type, choose a shop name, enter your shops details, create a brand for your shop, setup your Stripe account, setup your postage & delivery settings and create listings.

What if I need help?

Being a seller provides you with lots of help & support from the eTackle team. You can contact us about anything, anytime and we will get back to you ASAP.


We also provide a comprehensive list of tutorials which are available through our 'Help guides & tutorials' page available through the seller dashboard or by clicking on the link under 'seller options' in the top menu or at the bottom of the page (mobile devices).

How do I get paid?

Etackle uses Stripe as a payment gateway with its shops. The reason eTackle uses Stripe is down to its numerous benefits; with security and its competitive gateway fee being 2 fundamental reasons as to why.

By using Stripe, it means that you instantly receive your sales revenue (minus fees) at the point the customer buys your product rather than having to wait a few days or weeks like some other marketplace platforms. You can find out more about Stripe here.

n.b - You cannot sell products on eTackle without a Stripe account.


What can I sell on eTackle?

Etackle provides a marketplace for the angling industry only.

Fishing tackle, gifts, holidays, lakes, repair services are all examples of products that can be sold on eTackle.

For more information please take a closer look at our terms & conditions.


Thank you for reading. You can check out our homepage here and explore if you wish.