Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod Review

Last Updated on 28 June 2024 by James Bevan

Overall Rating

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Score derived from the average of these ratings:

Build Quality - 8.0

Casting Ability - 7.5

Playing Fish - 8.0

Value For Money - 8.0

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Nytro may be new to the fishing tackle scene but they are producing some good gear from the off echoed by the Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod range. This rod is suitable for anglers of all abilities.

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Features & Specs List

  • Available in 10 and 11 foot lengths
  • High-quality black anodised line guides
  • Hook keeper
  • Handles combine durable cork and EVA grips
  • Special EVA handle for better control
  • Half-matt black finish with epoxy varnished black guide wrapping
  • Screw-down reel seat
  • Supplied in a rod bag
  • Butt caps feature the ‘N’ logo
  • Lightweight 30T carbon-curve blanks
  • Seamless through action

The Different Variations

The Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod comes in 10 and 11 foot lengths, here’s a comparison of them both.

Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod Specs

Model 10 Foot 11 Foot
Length (cm) 300cm 330cm
Sections 2 2
Casting Weight 4-10gm 4-10gm
Broken Down Length 142cm 172cm
Line Rating 4-8lb 4-8lb

How The Rod Compares To Its Competitors

Here’s how the Daiwa Matchman compared to other pellet waggler rods we have reviewed:

The Rods Build Quality & Features

Build Quality
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What Does This Mean?

When rating the build quality of a rod, consideration has been given to the basic components.

These include the materials used in the blank, handle, reel seat and line guides.

We also take into account any additional features that make life on the bank easier for anglers.

The Handle

Nytro Aryzon Handle

The Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod comes with a cork handle with EVA grips. The cork has been shaped and flattened that allows it to sit more comfortable on the forearm.

The Reel Seat

Nytro Aryzon Reel Seat

A neat-looking DPS type reel seat that resembles that of the popular Preston Ignition. In the middle of the seat sits the stylish Nytro logo.

The Eyes / Guides

Nytro Aryzon Eyes

The black ionised line guides are well-finished and look great. They also allow for smooth casting and have a solid feel about them.

The Blank

Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod 6

The blank is made from lightweight 30T carbon and is finished off nicely with touches of red in the branding. My only criticism is that the blank is slightly thicker than some of its competitors.

Casting Performance

Casting Ability
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What Does This Mean?

How a rod casts is one of the key fundamentals
that determine a great rod from a
mediocre one.

Easy, frictionless casting that provides accuracy
and distance is all rated in this category.

The Aryzon boasts a smooth cast thanks to its well-made line guides. The specs though state that its only suitable for casting weights up to 10g so lacks a bit of power needed if you are looking for a rod capable of casting 20m plus.

Nytro Aryzon Ready To Cast
The Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod ready To Cast

Playing Fish

Playing Fish
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What Does This Mean?

The ability to play fish effectively is an important feature of any fishing rod.

Fishing is a sport, and as part of this sport, feeling the pulls, lunges and the fight of a fish
is an exhilarating feeling
that adds to the overall experience and enjoyment
of angling.

As such, this is all taken into account when rating fishing rods.

The rod has a nice progressive action on it which plays fish in a way that is sensitive and enjoyable with the option to apply additional pressure if a more powerful fish needs persuading.

Nytro Aryzon Playing Fish
The Nice Through Action On The Nytro Aryzon

Value For Money

Value For Money
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What Does This Mean?

How much any fishing rod costs is always going to be a key factor in an angler’s final choice.

A rod can have all the bells and whistles under the sun but if you have to re-mortgage your house to purchase it then all of a sudden it isn’t the best choice for some.

When rating how much value for money a rod brings, consideration has been given to how the rod performs in all the other categories vs its price point.

Being priced mid-ranged, the Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod offers affordability to those wanting a decent option without breaking the bank. It is however more expensive than the popular Preston Ignition and the Daiwa Matchman without offering that much more in terms of performance.

A Video Of The Rod In Action

Heres a video from the products manufacturer.

The Pros & Cons Of The Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod

Here is a list of pros and cons anglers have found with the Nytro Aryzon Pellet Waggler Rod:



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