Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod Review

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How It Scores



Build Quality8.5
Casting Ability8
Playing Fish8.5
Value For Money8

The Nash Flota Rota Rod seamlessly blends meticulous design with top-tier performance, offering dedicated surface anglers a worthy investment in the mid-tier price range

Nash is a name that’s been etched in the recent history of carp fishing, thanks largely to the unbeatable quality they’ve consistently delivered over the years.

When I heard about their Flota Rota Surface Fishing rod, I just had to get hold of one and try it out. So I did and took it with me to a sunny afternoon session at a local lake.

And here’s my two cents worth on how it performed.

The Rods Features:

The Nash Flota Rota is undoubtedly designed with surface fishing enthusiasts in mind. This specificity in its design ensures that it perfectly aligns with the needs of anglers who are passionate about this method of fishing.

The rod’s 12-foot length, coupled with its 2.5lb test curve, might seem a tad soft to some, especially those on the hunt for larger carp. However, I found it offers a delicate balance between casting distance, sensitivity and power when needed.

Long-serving carp anglers will recall that such test curves were standard once upon a time, proving their efficacy. I found the forgiving tip allowed for an exciting fight when playing fish but also allowed free-lined baits to be cast efficiently and not be forced off the hook which can happen with stiffer rods.

Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod Blank

Length & test curve etched on the sleek-looking blank

Nash’s dedication to quality and detail is evident in the Flota Rota’s construction. A 1K weave runs throughout the rod, providing the backbone needed for both casting heavier controller floats and playing bigger fish.

It’s equipped with lightweight sea guides, enhancing its casting prowess, and ensuring the rod remains as lightweight as possible.

This is complemented by a Fuji reel seat and a classic cork handle. The cork handle even has “Flota Rota” etched into it, a nod to its specialised purpose, and provides a touch of aesthetic appeal.

Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod Reel Seat

The reel seat on the Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod

One standout feature of the Flota Rota that I absolutely love is its multiple hook points. There are three distinct points to hook your rig, allowing for easy adaptation based on different hook lengths.

This feature ensures that anglers can switch between different rig setups without the hassle of threading the hook link repeatedly through the eye, which could potentially damage it or cause kinks.

Such thoughtful design touches signify Nash’s understanding of an angler’s needs and the challenges they might face.

One of three hook points on the Nash Flota Rota

One of 3 handy hook points on the Flota Rota Surface Rod

How It Performs:

When I initially held the Flota Rota, its lightweight construction was immediately evident.

Surface fishing can often be hard work, and if you are anything like me, you will be on your feet for extended periods. With the Flota Rota, fatigue simply wasn’t an issue. Its lightweight design, made my whole setup feel almost weightless in my hand.

Casting was a dream, with the rod effortlessly sending mixers out into the water. The forgiving tip helps prevent those annoying moments when you see your bait launch to the horizon with your hook landing a yard in front of you! We’ve all been there!

And when it came to playing a fish?

The progressive curve of the rod was both a delight to watch and feel, letting me put just the right amount of pressure while enjoying every twist and turn of the battle. The Flota Rota isn’t just a rod; it’s an experience, enhancing every moment of surface fishing and making it even more exciting and memorable.

How It Compares:

Having tested many surface fishing rods, I can honestly say that the Nash Flota Rota is the best 12-foot floater rod I have reviewed. With a total score of 8.2 and a fairly palatable price point, it should be a serious consideration if you are looking for a floater fishing rod that has it all.

How It Scores Against Its Competitors

NameOverall RatingPrice
Nash Scope Black Ops Sawn Off8.6from £229.99
Korum Opportunist Surface Rod7.8from £44.99
Wychwood FLTR Floater Fishing Rod7.8from £44.99
Fox Horizon X3 Floater Fishing Rod8.1from £99.99
Korum Opportunist X Surface Rod7.8from £49.99
Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod8.2from £159.99

The Pros & Cons:


  • Purpose-Built for Surface Fishing: The rod has been specifically designed for surface fishing, ensuring that all its features are tailored to maximize performance in this specific area.
  • Balanced Power and Finesse: While the rod is powerful, thanks to its 1K weave backbone, it also offers a forgiving tip. This combination provides both strength and flexibility, allowing for effective casting and playing of the fish without over-stressing the line or hook.
  • Lightweight Design: Extended fishing sessions can tire out an angler, but the Flota Rota’s lightweight construction means reduced fatigue, allowing for longer and more comfortable sessions.
  • Optimal Length and Test Curve: The 12-foot length and 2.5-pound test curve offer an ideal balance, making it versatile enough for various surface fishing situations.
  • Enhanced Casting Ability: With the Flota Rota, casting mixers becomes seamless and efficient, making it easier for anglers to get their bait exactly where they want it.
  • Effective Shock Absorption: The rod can adeptly handle aggressive lunges from fish, ensuring fewer lost catches, especially when the fish are close to the net.


  • Specific to Surface Fishing: While its specialised design is a boon for surface fishing, it may not be as versatile for other types of angling. Anglers looking for a multi-purpose rod might find it limiting.
  • Traditional Test Curve: The 2.5-pound test curve, reminiscent of older rods, might not appeal to anglers who prefer stiffer, more modern rods.
  • Limited Range: The Flota Rota is only available in a 12 foot 2.5lb test curve version

Value For Money:

With a price tag hovering around the £160 mark, the Nash Flota Rota Rod situates itself in the mid-tier range for surface fishing rods.

While it certainly leans towards the more expensive side in its category, it doesn’t quite touch the lofty price points of some premium traditional carp rods.

This distinction is crucial, especially when you factor in the suite of specialised features and performance capabilities the rod boasts.

From its bespoke design tailored explicitly for surface fishing, a 1K weave for the right balance of strength and agility, to its lightweight construction enhancing comfort during prolonged usage, it’s clear that Nash has prioritised quality and functionality.

Taking into account its unique features and its evident performance advantages, the Flota Rota offers a compelling value proposition.

For dedicated surface anglers seeking a blend of performance and durability without venturing into the premium pricing stratosphere, this rod offers an attractive balance between cost and quality.

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Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod Review: Final Verdict

One thing I have realised in this Nash Flota Rota review is that the rod stands out as a testament to meticulous design and craftsmanship tailored for dedicated surface anglers.

While slightly more expensive than some surface fishing rods, the blend of quality, functionality, and comfort it offers, in my opinion, justifies its price point.

For anglers who are passionate about surface fishing and are in search of a rod that delivers both in action and longevity, the Flota Rota proves to be a worthy investment, marrying cost with top-tier performance.

Thanks for reading.

Hopefully, you have found this review of the Nash Flota Rota Surface Rod helpful. If you would like to see more reviews on carp fishing rods, you can do so here.

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