Nash Dwarf Carp Rod


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Casting & Feel6.8
Playing Fish7
Value For Money8

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Features & Specifications Summary:

  • Available in 6, 9 and 10-foot lengths
  • Test curves include 2lb, 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb
  • Matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings
  • Tip and butt section alignment markers
  • Reverse-mounted Minima ringing with anti-frap tip guides
  • Exclusive Nash reel seat with slimline EVA trim

  • Video Showing The Nash Dwarf In Action

    Why Anglers Choose The Nash Dwarf

    The Nash Dwarf range of compact rods is a popular choice among anglers for several reasons.

    Firstly, the compact size of the rods makes them easy to transport and store, which is particularly useful for anglers who like to travel or have limited storage space.

    The telescopic design also means that the rods can be extended quickly and easily when needed, making them ideal for stalking or fishing light.

    In addition to their practicality, the Nash Dwarf range is also known for its high-quality construction and materials. The rods are made from high-grade carbon, which makes them strong and durable, and ensures that they can handle even the largest fish.

    The guides and fittings are also of a high standard, which helps to improve casting accuracy, reduce line friction and yet still allows for a nice feeling when playing fish.

    Another benefit of the range is the variety of models available. There are rods to suit all types of carp fishing, whether it’s margin fishing on a runs water or heavy-duty carp fishing on a big pit.

    Overall, the Nash Dwarf offers a combination of practicality, quality, and versatility that makes it a popular choice among anglers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, there is a Nash Dwarf rod that will suit your needs and help you to catch more fish.

    How This Compares To The Competition:

    Carp Rod Overall Rating
    Sonik Insurgent 7.33
    Sonik Xtractor 7.30
    Nash Dwarf 7.20
    Fox EOS Pro 7.20
    Wychwood Riot 7.00

    What eTackle Says About The Rod:

    The Nash Dwarf range of rods are extremely popular in the carp fishing world, predominetly as a stalking rod. The 3 lengths of 10, 9 and 6 foot puts this rod in the specialist category that is well suited for those who prefer a roaming approach or perhaps as a travel rod.

    It absolutely ticks all the boxes for being lightweight and portable and if you are fishing a large venue that benefits from moving around a lot and you dont want to spend a fortune, then you should definetly consider one of these.

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