Importing you products from etsy.

One of the key features with using eTackle is that you can easily import your current listings from other marketplaces such as etsy with a few simple steps without affecting your current business. Listing on more than one platform will obviously significantly increase your sales.


Importing from etsy

Before you start importing your products, be sure you have setup your Basic or Premium eTackle shop and have access to your shops dashboard.

n.b – The basic shop only can list ‘Simple’ products i.e. products without any variations. If you have products that have different variations associated with them then you will need a Premium Shop to do this. 

Please see the following tutorial video on how to export your listings from Etsy or scroll down to see a descriptive account on how to do this:


Follow these steps to import your listings form etsy:

  • Sign in to your Etsy account and go to Your Shop > Shop Settings > Options.
  • Click the “Download Data” tab. Then, click the “Download CSV” button to save the file to your computer. (You will need a spreadsheet software program for this such as Excel)
  • Download the eTackle CSV template here:     eTackle Import listings CSV-TEMPLATE  and click on ‘enable editing’ if this message appears.
  • You now need to copy the information from the etsy CSV download into the etackle template by copying and pasting the information in the relevant columns as per described in the following table: (n.b There will be columns in the eTackle CSV template that are not mentioned. You do not need to worry about populating these)

Fishing Tackle Shop


  • Once this has been done, you need to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You do this by clicking on ‘Save as’ then typing in your desired file name and then in the ‘save as type’ box click on the down arrow and select ‘CSV (comma delimited)’
  • Once saved, go to your eTackle dashboard and click on ‘Product Manager’ on the left hand side and then on ‘All Products’. Then click on ‘import’ in the top right hand corner and then click on the ‘browse’ box and select the CSV file that you have just saved and click on ‘Continue’. Now scroll down and click on ‘Run the importer’.
  • Let the importer run, after which all your listings should now be imported into your eTackle shop.

N.B – When your listings are initially imported, they get assigned into the ‘uncategorised’ category. You can either change the category your listing appears in yourself or the eTackle admin team will automatically process this for you within a 48 hour period.

  • If you listed any variable products (i.e, products that have different variations such as colour, size etc) then you will need to finally edit these within your dashboard to ensure they are listed correctly. To do this click on Product Manager >> All products >> then click on the relevant variable listing.
  • Now click on the ‘Attributes’ tab then expand the screen on from the button on the right hand side. Ensure then to click on the ‘Used for variations’ boxes for each variable on the left.

Fishing Tackle Shop


  • Now click on the ‘variations’ tab and then the down arrow next to the ‘Go’ button. Select ‘Create variations from all attributes’, this will import your attributes you have created as variations.

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • Now click on the down arrow towards the right of the screen and enter a price in the regular price box as well as a stock quantity with the manage stock box ticked. as shown in the below picture:

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • Scroll down and be sure to complete this step with all the variations:

  • Finally ensure you click on ‘Save Changes’