Importing your products from ebay

One of the key features with using eTackle is that you can easily import your current listings from other marketplaces such as ebay with a few simple steps without affecting your current business. Listing on more than one platform will obviously significantly increase your sales.


Importing from ebay

Before you start importing your products, be sure you have setup your Basic or Premium eTackle shop and have access to your shops dashboard. 

n.b – The basic shop only can list ‘Simple’ products i.e. products without any variations. If you have products that have different variations associated with them then you will need a Premium Shop to do this.

There are 2 ways of getting your listings Imported from ebay:

  1. Let us do it – Due to extracting listings from ebay being fairly complex and involving a number of steps, eTackle will happily do this for you for free to save you the hassle. To do this however we would need access to your ebay account and as such would need you to complete the following authorisation form to do this. When accessing your account our privacy policy applies with access only being used to download and import your listings. For peace of mind you can always change any passwords after the import has been completed.

2. Through 3rd party software – If you prefer to import your products yourself you can do so via some software. The reason software is needed is primarily to get the correct information extracted from eBay which includes all of your listings photos.

The software we recommend to use is Wonder Lister. This program extracts your listings into a CSV document within an Excel or equivalent spreadsheet and then you simply copy and paste the data into the eTackle template and then upload your listings. The following is a step by step guide on how to do this across 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Installation and setup

  • Register an account with Wonder Lister here and select ‘sign up for free trial’
  • Fill out the required form and ensure you select the Silver subscription (this is free for 15 days so you will not have to pay anything despite you signing up with your paypal account. n.b – Please remember though to cancel your subscription once your import is complete which can be easily done via your paypal account dashboard)
  • Once registered, download the required software from your Wonder Lister dashboard or from the download page here. 
  • Install and setup Wonder Lister on your computer by following Wonder Lister’s installation and setup pages here.
  • Once installed, start the Wonder Lister application and you should be greeted with the welcome page that states at the top ‘This computer is not configured for running Wonder Lister’.  Click on ‘Next’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter you Wonder Lister user ID and password (the ones you registered your Wonder Lister account with)
  • On the next page, ensure the box that says ‘I want to save Wonder Lister data on this computer itself AND SQL server is NOT installed on this computer’ is ticked and click on ‘Next’.
  • On the next page go through the verification process and then login with your ebay account details and click on Agree.
  • The program will now amalgamate your ebay account to the software. (n.b this can take a long time so please be patient)
  • When finished there will be a message displayed saying ‘Your system has been configured and is now ready for use’

Stage 2 – Downloading your Listings

You can see how to download your ebay listings through Wonderlister by viewing the video below or alternatively scroll down to see the documented method:


  • Click on the ‘Listings’ tab at the top of the page and then click on ‘manage’. Alternatively press Alt-L.
  • You will be greeted with the listing page that lists all your current listings on ebay.
  • Select all your listings you would like to upload (hold shift whilst clicking to select or click on the top left blank box in the listings to select all) and then click on export just above your listings as shown in the following picture:

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • On the next screen click on ‘Manage export views’ at the top of the screen and you will be greeted with the following screen:

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • The left column shows all the available headings that can be exported from Ebay. However, eTackle only needs 10 of which 5 are optional. Once a heading is selected you click on the right arrow to move it into the right hand column. The headings to move to the right hand column are as follows:
  1. Listing ID (optional if you need this)
  2. SKU (optional if you use this)
  3. Title 
  4. Description
  5. Condition Description (optional if there is additional info required to the standard description)
  6. Available quantity
  7. Current price (optional if you have sale items)
  8. Price
  9. Picture URL 1 (if you have more than one photo for your listings, select however many Picture URLS you have).
  10.  Item Specifics (optional and only applicable if you are listing variable products)
  • Once completed you should see the following screen: Then select a save name and click on ‘Save View’

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • Now click on the tab called ‘Export data of selected listings’ at the top and then click on ‘Manage export names mapper’.
  • This screen allows you to rename the relevant column from eBay to that of which eTackle uses. To change the name of the relevant column you need to double click in the relevant box under the column labelled ‘Your own column title’. Using the middle column called ‘System defined column name’ locate the following names and change them in the ‘Your own column title’ as shown below:

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • An example of this can be seen as follows: Once complete, enter a save name in the Save mapper under name: box and then click on Save mapper.

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • Once saved, click on the ‘Export data of selected listings’ tab at the top of the screen again and ensure the files you saved are listed in the ‘Select Export view and the Select name mapper’. Then click on Export as shown here:
  • Your computer should now open up your spreadsheet software and display your listings in this spreadsheet. Save this file.

Stage 3 – Uploading Listings into your eTackle shop.

  • You now need to download the eTackle csv spreadsheet template from the below file:

eTackle Import listings CSV-TEMPLATE

  • Ensure you click on enable editing when the spreadsheet loads. You will see the headings at the top of this spreadsheet are either white or grey. The grey headings are the compulsory headings and the white are optional.
  • You now need to paste the relevant data in each column from the downloaded spreadsheet to the Etackle template so you end up with a view like this:

FIshing Tackle Shop


FIshing Tackle Shop


N.B – If there is more than one picture with the listing, after the URL of picture 1, put a comma and then input the URL for picture 2 and so on for however many pictures you have. Likewise for the variations, ensure to put a variation name e.g. Colour in the Attribute name box followed by the actual variations e.g. Red, Blue, Green (separated by commas in the Attribute values box)

  • Once this has been done, you need to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. You do this by clicking on ‘Save as’ then typing in your desired file name and then in the ‘save as type’ box click on the down arrow and select ‘CSV (comma delimited)’
  • Once saved, go to your eTackle dashboard and click on ‘Product Manager’ on the left hand side and then on ‘All Products’. Then click on ‘import’ in the top right hand corner and then click on the ‘browse’ box and select the CSV file that you have just saved and click on ‘Continue’. Now scroll down and click on ‘Run the importer’.
  • Let the importer run, after which all your listings should now be imported into your eTackle shop.

N.B – When your listings are initially imported, they get assigned into the ‘uncategorised’ category. You can either change the category your listing appears in yourself or the eTackle admin team will automatically process this for you within a 48 hour period.

  • If you listed any variable products (i.e, products that have different variations such as colour, size etc) then you will need to finally edit these within your dashboard to ensure they are listed correctly. To do this click on Product Manager >> All products >> then click on the relevant variable listing.
  • Now click on the variations tab and then the down arrow towards the right of the screen. Now enter a price in the regular price box as well as a stock quantity with the manage stock box ticked. as shown in the below picture:

Fishing Tackle Shop

  • Scroll down and be sure to complete this step with all the variations:

  • Finally ensure you click on ‘Save Changes’

If you have any problems, queries or would rather eTackle do this for you then please contact us and we will gladly help.