Greys X-Flite Carp Rod Review

Last Updated on 8 December 2023 by James Bevan

How It Scores



Casting & Feel8.5
Playing Fish8.4
Value For Money8.5
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Who Is The Greys X-Flite Carp Rod Most Suitable For:

The Greys X-Flite is a mid-tier rod with a price point that represents the good quality that this reputable brand brings to rod making.

As such, it’s ideally suited for those anglers that are looking for an upgrade from a set of budget-type rods or those looking for a set of rods that are of decent quality and aren’t extortionately priced.

Features & Specifications Summary:

  • Lengths available in 10, 12 & 13ft lengths
  • Test curves available in 3, 3.25 & 3.5lbs
  • X-Flite engrave butt cap
  • Integrated Carbon Line Clip
  • Custom Milled Alu reels seat with Seaguide hoods
  • FJS Handles
  • 30T Carbon Blank
  • Pac Bay Minima Guides
  • Anti-Frap Tip guide
  • Full Black Gloss finish

Video Showing The Greys X-Flite Carp Rod In Action:

How The X-Flite Carp Rod Compares Against Its Competition:

NameOverall RatingPrice
Nash X Series Carp Rod7.8from £69.99
Sonik Insurgent7.8from £79.99
Daiwa Longbow X458.7from £239.99
Shimano TX7 Carp Rod8.9from £178.97
Daiwa Emblem Carp Rod8.5from £74.99
Greys X-Flite Carp Rod8.4from £79.99

How The Greys X Flite FJS 50 Compares To The Averages:

Greys X Flite8.4
All Carp Rods8.3
All Mid Tier Rods8.4

A Greys X-Flite Carp Rod Review As Seen By An Expert:

"To sum up, these new X Flights are old school meets new school. Don't picture this as an old bird that's had Botox in a boob job; more think of her passing on her knowledge to her much fitter daughter"
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Here’s How Other Anglers Have Reviewed The Greys X-Flite Carp Rod:

“First time using the Greys, they look apart and I am sure will use them for a long time!

Perfect match with the 14000 big pits as the rods come with the 50 mm butt rings, even if I ordered the 10 ft 3.5 model.

“Pink sale” just at the right moment as I was looking for a new set of rods.” (1)

“Over the moon with these rods, Excellent product” (1)

“Excellent product have always used greys rods” (1)

“As soon as I got them out their bags you could tell the quality you expect from a Greys rod well pleased” (2)

“Very decent rods for the money, the 13ft ones have given me the extra range I needed for my local resi!! Very happy” (2)

“Slim handle and comes in a nice sleeve with added butt and tip protection sleeves-a nice touch. Good action when playing 20lb+ carp and casting action is good too.

I used 2-3oz lead and medium-large PVA bag and the rod can handle these with ease with 3.0-3.5lb test curve. Have brought two rods and Greys will be my rod of choice paired with Fox 10000 front drag reels.” (3)

Review Source:

  1. Angling Direct
  2. Total Fishing Tackle
  3. Amazon

The Different Variations Of The X-Flite Carp Rod & How They Are Best Applied:

Length Test Curve Ideal For Max Cast Distance
10 ft 3lb Small to medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 80 yds
10 ft 3.25lb Small to medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 90 yds
10 ft 3.5lb Small to medium sized waters where fishing for larger specimens or near snags / weed. 100 yds
12 ft 3lb Medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 120 yds
12 ft 3.25lb Medium sized venues. Good all-round rod 130 yds
12 ft 3.5lb Medium to Larger venue where a little more distance is required and when larger fish are being targeted 150yds
13 ft 3.5lb Large waters where distance casting and fishing for specimens is the aim 165 yds

The Rods Features Up Close:

The handle

Greys X-Flite Handle

As a seasoned carp angler, I’ve held a lot of rods, but the handle on this X-Flite really stands out.

I really like Japanese shrink-wrap handles anyway, which I guess is a little biased but along with the flared end, it just feels so secure and comfortable in the grip, even when I’m chucking a lead out to the horizon.

In my eyes, it’s clear that Greys have absolutely nailed the balance between comfort and functionality with this design.

The reel seat

Greys X-Flite Reel Seat

Now, the reel seat on this rod has got some neat features I appreciate. It’s custom-machined and stamped with the X-Flite name, adding a touch of class.

I also really like the reddish-coloured rings as they not only add a well-appreciated splash of colour but also a touch of nostalgia as well.

It’s a clever blend of subtlety and flair that sits perfectly with my style of angling.

The eyes/guides

Greys X-Flite Eyes

The guides on the X-Flite carp rods are again of decent quality. They’re Pac Bay minima guides, ultra-lightweight and responsive, and they really assist in achieving those extra few yards when long-range casting.

Plus, the tip rings on all versions are anti-frap – an absolute godsend for avoiding those pesky tangles. 

The blank

Greys X-Flite Blank

Let’s talk about the blank – it’s a beauty. The 30T carbon gives it a lightweight yet powerful feel, and the fast recovery really does help casting distance and accuracy.

I am not a great fan of the all-black, glossy finish but I know some anglers are.

In this instance it is understated yet impressive, it’s like they’ve taken the ethos of the original X-Flite and supercharged it for the modern angler.

The Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Greys X-Flite Carp Rod


  • Responsive Guides: With Pac Bay minima guides fitted along the blank, this rod is both lightweight and responsive. I feel these guides do assist in casting longer distances and improving accuracy.
  • Superior Grip Handle: The Japanese shrink wrap handle with its flared end provides an excellent grip which is really comfortable both when casting and playing fish.
  • Custom Reel Seat: The custom-machined reel seat with the X-Flite branding has a very subtle yet stylish design. The reddish-coloured rings add a nice splash of colour that adds to the overall aesthetic.
  • Powerful, Lightweight Blank: The 30T carbon blank is lightweight, yet provides impressive power. I was impressed with the fast recovery and the solid feel of the rod.


  • Black Gloss Finish: While the black gloss finish gives the rod a sleek look, I can’t shake the feeling that in certain lights, it might cause a bit of glare. I believe this could potentially spook fish patrolling the margins, which is something to keep in mind.
  • Limited Innovation: While the X-Flite rod is a great piece of kit, I do feel there could be more innovation in its design. It leans heavily on the success of its predecessor, and I’d have loved to see something truly new and groundbreaking from Greys.

ETackle’s Thoughts & Opinions:

Greys are one of the original rod manufactures and, as such, I could tell I was in for a treat before I started putting this rod through its paces.

Having had the pleasure of fishing with the original X-Flites, the nod to its heritage was immediately apparent – the minimalist look and feel, the subtle red rings on either side of the reel seat – it was like a trip down memory lane.

This is a rod that is understated, yet exudes a sense of quality and solidity. In my hand, I was immediately impressed by the Japanese shrink wrap handle (which I love anyway) – it’s flared at the end to provide that superior grip when casting which is always a nice touch.

When scutinising any rod I always look at balance. I have to say with the X-Flite I wasnt let down as it offers a lightweight but powerful performance, a testament to the 30T carbon blank construction.

Having said that, I am priveledged enough to have reviewed the amazing Aircurve Carp Rod from Greys. This rod uses 40-46T carbon and I can absolutely tell the difference with the Aircurves build feeling superior to that of the X-Flite. The Aircurve, however, is one of the best carp rods I have ever handled and it is alot more expensive than its sibling, so please do bear this mind.

When it came to casting, the X-Flite performed really well with a score of 8.5 on this attribute. I feel the overall balance of the rod alongside features such as the lightweight minimal guides adds to the rod’s overall responsiveness and casting ability.

However, for all its power and lightness, I did yearn for more innovation from Greys. This rod leans heavily on the success of its predecessor, and while it does a fine job, the rod market is bursting with innovation and it’d be exciting to see Greys push the envelope a little more.

As with any rod, there were a few drawbacks. One particular aspect that gave me pause was the black gloss finish. While it undoubtedly adds to the rod’s sleek aesthetic, in certain lights, it might cause a bit of glare.

Having carp fished for over 30 years, I’ve always been mindful of the potential to spook fish patrolling the margins. While this might not be a deal-breaker for everyone, it’s something to bear in mind.

The reel seat, while standing out with its hints of red, is custom-machined and boasts the X-Flite branding. I appreciated this touch – it’s always great to see a brand put their stamp on their product in a subtle and stylish way.

In summary, the Greys X-Flite rod is a solid, reliable rod that does an excellent job of bridging the gap between its much-loved predecessor and the current demands of the carp angling market.

There’s a lot to love here – the responsive guides, the superior handle grip, the power of the blank – and yet, there are also areas where I feel Greys could push things a little further. Overall though, it’s a rod that I’d be more than happy to include in my kit, and one I’m sure many other anglers would too.
James Bevan

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