Stats & Reports

The Stats & Reports tab summarises your sales & orders within a defined date period of your choosing as well as an itemised overview of money received or due after fees deducted. (commission) 

By clicking on ‘Overview’ the summary screen appears with an option to select a date range. There is an option to download this information to a spreadsheet via a CSV document. You can do this by clicking on ‘Download CSV’.

By clicking on ‘Banking Overview’ you will see another summary page but this time a specific summary of the products that have sold with the amount paid or owed minus fees (commission). It also states the current status of the commission i.e. whether this has been paid or is currently unpaid.

You can find more information on payments and fees and our fees policy document.

There is also another tab called Advanced report that is only available in Premium shops. Please check out the Premium shop features tutorial for more information on this.


The orders tab displays all your orders. The table shows the order id, date, revenue earnt through the order (minus fees), the order status and quick actions.

Click on the eye icon to view the order details and the download icon downloads a CSV file of the corresponding order.

The truck icon is important as you will need to select this when you have dispatched the product. This automatically notifies the customer as well as the etackle administrators to enable the payment process to commence.

When clicking this icon you also have the option to input the shipment tracking details i.e. the Shipment Tracking URL and Tracking ID. The URL and ID entered here is emailed to the customer so that they can track their order.

If you have selected a premium shop, you will also see 3 further download icons; 1. Download PDF invoice (downloads an invoice for yourself detailing the sales transaction minus our selling fee), 2. Download PDF invoice for customer (downloads a document which you can forward onto your customer/s) and 3. Download packing slip invoice (downloads a packing slip that you can send to your customer/s). You can find further information on this and other Premium shop features here.

If you need to download any order transactions to a CSV spreadsheet type document then you can do so by selecting the relevant order through the tick box on the left and then clicking on ‘Download CSV’ in the top right of the screen (desktop version.)


This menu is used to see all your previous transactions and the total revenue earnt (minus fees). You can select a date range by clicking on the calendar icons.

For more information on payments and fees please visit our fees policy page here.