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About our Discount Tackle Page

Here at eTackle, we totally understand that fishing is not exactly the cheapest hobby to partake in. As avid anglers ourselves, we have experienced the shelling out of hard earnt cash on new gear multiple times. This expensive experience has led us to launch a specific page on our website that solely focuses on discount tackle that is on sale at a reduced price.

Etackle's mission statement reads, "We exist to allow small businesses & entrepreneurs in the Angling trade to grow & flourish whilst providing a platform of varied choice to the Angling customer. We do this by supplying a marketplace platform focusing solely within the angling industry where an individual or a business can reach a national audience with ease."

The business model that eTackle employs has a number of benefits. One of these benefits is that multiple, smaller, businesses join forces to list lots of fishing tackle on one dedicated platform. This type of platform allows buyers to compare prices and inevitably pick the seller with the cheapest price for a particular item. The fact there is more competition on the platform will ensure that prices are kept low. It will also drive the behaviour of sellers seeking to gain an advantage by promoting and reducing certain products to gain a competitive edge.

The opposite model to this is one that unfortunately we see a lot of today. This model sees large firms trying to monopolise the market and as such seeking to dictate prices that are super inflated. This strategy inevitably drives up prices throughout the angling industry, lining the pockets of these corporate monopolies. These large firms are somewhat restricted to what their specific supplier can provide and as a result will dictate prices accordingly. This often leads to that inflated price eluded to at the beginning of this article.

Anyway, with that rant over with, it’s time to focus again on what eTackle can bring to you as an angler. As stated in our mission statement, we have a passion to allow small businesses within the angling trade to survive & grow. Many tackle shops from around the country do not have an online proposition. Etackle provides that opportunity for a small business in the angling trade to take that important step for future sustainability. These businesses can list products from within their local shops that they can sell online to maximise their sales opportunists whilst providing more diversity for buyers looking at a range of fishing tackle.

With multiple tackle shops listing items on the eTackle platform, we have created a dedicated page to sift discount tackle that is reduced in price for your perusal. On these pages, we do not list any item that isn’t discount tackle. Because the products have been sifted from a multiple of sellers rather than one giant monopoly, you can guarantee that you will have the best chance of finding your desired fishing item at the best possible price.

Within the discount tackle pages of the eTackle site you can simply type in what you are searching for or scroll and browse discount tackle sorted by category. We are confident that with over 1500 products currently listed, that are all on sale, you will find the fishing tackle you need at the price you deserve. So please let us do the hardwork of finding the discount tackle so you dont have to.

 Many thanks for your consideration in using us and if you wish, please checkout our main homepage here or even our blog homepage here.


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