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Coarse Fishing originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th Century. Prior to this, Coarse fishing was referred to as Recreational fishing. This type of fishing was more catered towards a sport for the gentry who were mostly fishing for Salmon & Trout. There was a general consensus that the other fish were not fit enough for the table and as such were labelled Coarse Fish.  Whether you are a casual, pleasure fisherman or a more competitive match fisherman, eTackle will cater for all of your Coarse & Match fishing tackle needs.

You will find all sorts of Coarse & Match fishing tackle on eTackle from a number of reputable brands. You will be able to start as a Coarse fishing beginner with ease with lots of tackle at competitive prices. Etackle’s local fishing shops also cater for the more experienced angler. The fact that lots of local fishing shops list on eTackle means that you will get the best prices available.

In this section, match fishing products are also available to buy. From Poles to float rods to seat boxes to match fishing luggage, our shops will cater for it all.

You can sell your fishing tackle with ease on eTackle. You can create your own fishing shop choosing one of 2 shop types. Our Basic Shop is more catered for the casual seller with a few items of fishing tackle to sell. Our Premium Shop has a lot more features and a reduced fee and is aimed more for the professional sellers.

By allowing lots of local fishing shops to sell on the eTackle platform we aim to support the local fishing businesses in the UK.