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About our Carp Fishing Category

Carp fishing has always been one of the more popular forms of fishing in the UK and Europe. ETackle’s Angling shop platform allows local fishing shops to create their own fishing store and sell their Carp Fishing products online. On eTackle a vast range of carp fishing tackle being sold across a multitude of local fishing stores. As such eTackle’s angling shop will provide you with value and variety.


Carp Fishing rods are often categorised by its test curve and length but what does the test curve mean?. In simplistic terms the test curve refers to the amount of weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90 degree angle with the rod held horizontally.  The test curve of a fishing rod gives us a guide to the stiffness and indeed power of a particular rod. A 2.25lb test curve carp fishing rod is suitable for casting a weight of 2oz. As such this is ideal for small commercial lakes and surface fishing. On the other end of the scale, a 3.5lb test curve rod is suitable for casting a 4.5oz weight and is more suitable for large lakes that may contain snags. Etackle has a designated section for carp fishing rods here.


Alongside the rod, carp fishing reels are just as important to get right. The 2 most common types of Carp fishing reels are ‘free spool’ and ‘big pit’. The vast majority of reels used in Angling though tend to be ‘fixed spool’ reels. A fixed spool reel is generally controlled by a clutch situated at the top or bottom of the reel body. The clutch can be set to control the tension of the line by which it is then released from the reel spool. Free spool reels are quite often refered to as ‘baitrunners’ which is actually a trademark name for Shimano’s version of the free spool reel.

A free spool reel allows for a set fluid release of line from the spool which then disengages into the tension set by the clutch. With big fish, this prevents equipment potentially being dragged into the water. Big pit reels are designed to load large volumes of fishing line which is required when tackling large waters. The extra diameter line (increased breaking strain) would fill a normal spool quickly. This therefore creates a lot of line drag. As the line leaves the spool during a cast, this drag will greatly reduce your casting range. So by using a big pit reel you have the ability to cast a lot further.

All Carp fishing reel types are sold on eTackle. Etackle’s Carp Fishing Tackle section doesn’t just sell rods & reels though. Our Angling shop supports local fishing shops to sell their products on one online platform. So please check out the rest of this fishing store and support our local fishing businesses.

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