The 5 Best Carp Barrows in 2020

Best Carp Barrow 2020
Best Carp Barrow 2020

The Best Carp Barrows

Finding the best carp barrow for all your fishing needs used to be tricky. However, thanks to our list of the best carp barrows in the UK, getting the right fishing barrow for all your gear is now simple. Just before we get to our top picks for carp barrows in 2020, let's look at things to consider when buying a carp barrow.

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The Best Carp Barrows in 2020 are as follows:

1.  NGT Carp Fishing Barrow

2. JRC Easy Rider Extreme Carp Barrow

3. Avid Transit Extreme Carp Barrow

4. TFG Trail Blazer Barrow - The best lightweight, compact barrow

5. Fox Hunter Folding Fishing Barrow - The best budget carp barrow

Things to consider when buying a carp barrow

On the face of it, most carp barrows look the same. However, there are some key elements of barrows that can make loading them a lot easier. When you're choosing a barrow, it's important to think about these elements and how they'll affect how you pack the barrow and its stability when getting to your peg. Here's what to consider when buying a carp barrow.

Sides or no sides

You may notice that all of the barrows on our list below have sides, but some barrows don't. We prefer a barrow with side frames because they hold gear really securely. Also, many of the side frames on barrows are adjustable. So, even if you have loads of gear, the side frames won't be an issue. While some fishing barrows without side frames seem like a great deal, often not having these frames is a pain.

Undercarriage storage

A lot of barrows comes with under-slung storage bags that are perfect for items you won't need every day while fishing. However, some of the budget barrows don't have these storage bags, but they can be bought separately. We love having these storage compartments. Not only is it a great use of space on a barrow, but it also lowers the centre of gravity and makes the barrow much more stable. If you don't think you'll use these barrow bags, that's fine. Still, if you have a lot of fishing gear, having these bags for stability reasons alone is worth it.


Some barrows come with one wheel, others have two, which is better? Well, this carp barrow debate will be going on for the rest of time, and it really comes down to personal preference. Two smaller wheels can act like one bigger wheel and help make the barrow really stable. Still, ultimately it comes down to which type of barrow your prefer.

Adjustable handles

Most barrows nowadays come with adjustable handles, but you may find a few models that don't. Many anglers think they'll never need to adjust the height of these handles, which is largely true, sort of. Having adjustable handles means you can change them once and make the barrow perfect for your height and then never touch them again. However, having the option to adjust the handles of your barrow makes a massive difference when carrying heavy gear, and we wouldn't use a barrow without them.

'Y bar' or not?

Some carp barrows have a rear 'Y bar' that is designed for your rod holdall. While these do work brilliantly for your rod holdall, they can get in the way when you're loading the rest of your gear. Again, some anglers swear by 'Y bars' and wouldn't have a barrow without them, others aren't as fussed by them.

Motorised or not

We're sure you've seen carp barrows with electric motors. This motor helps to drive the barrow, of course. It also helps you balance the load because you aren't pushing the barrow as much. Motorised carp barrows aren't cheap, but they are really handy. If you struggle with pushing your gear or you're planning some longer fishing trips where you'll need a lot of gear, a motorised carp barrow could be a valuable investment.

So now let's look at the best carp barrows in the UK right now....

The Best Carp Barrows in 2020


The reason this NGT barrow made our top carp barrow list is because of its versatility. It can fold down like most of the barrows on this list. However, the sidebars are also removable, as are the handles. This means that this carp barrow will easily fit into any car. However, it also means that you can pack this barrow however you like.

We also love that this barrow comes with two wheels, but you have the options of only using one too. The NGT carp fishing barrow is very well priced, customisable and nice and stable too. To top off the awesomeness of this barrow, it is incredibly lightweight as well. Any keen angler can fold this barrow and stick it in their car. This is the workhorse you need on the bank!

Checkout this video clip on this great Barrow: 


The Easy Rider makes carrying all your fishing gear and the kitchen sink so easy! The frame is made from steel that provides a strong base for your gear. Cleverly, this barrow also comes with loads of storage that doesn't get in the way. You have three barrow bags to load your gear into and then loads of space for the rest. Once you've filled the barrow, you can use the included straps to secure it and then the included rain cover to protect it.

The Easy Rider has one massive pneumatic wheel that will have no problem on the bank. It has extendable side and front frames for even more loading capacity. Finally, it also has adjustable handles for the taller guys. If you're looking for a fishing barrow that can carry a week or two's worth of gear, this is it!

Transit Extreme Carp Barrow

The Avid Transit Extreme barrow has a very clever, modular design. It comes with three bags, all of which are removable, but you'll find them so handy. There is a convenient cover over the bags too. This is a lovely touch. Once you've filled the bag, you can cover them over so they won't interfere with loading the rest of your gear.

Speaking of the rest of your gear, you have loads of space to fill. The front and side frames are all adjustable for more space too. Plus, the handle construction on this barrow is different to others and offers loads of flexibility in height. Once again, this barrow has a huge wheel that will have you going places others can't reach. Whether you want a barrow for a few overnight fishing trips every month or one that can easily handle a week or two carp adventure, the Avid Transit Extreme has you covered.

The Best lightweight and Compact Carp Barrow.


The Trail Blazer barrow from TFG is a lightweight workhorse. For those carp anglers that like to stay on their toes and move to where the fish are showing, this is ideal. It folds up neatly and will fit into any car. However, this barrow proves itself time and again on the bank. It has a single pneumatic wheel that has excellent traction even in mud. The lightweight steel frame and the a-frame construction of the front end mean this barrow will never let you down.

Right out the box, this barrow can be a bit unstable because of how lightweight it is. However, adding an under-slung barrow bag and stuffing it full of your gear helps a lot with this. Still, if you like to keep moving, or want to keep the weight of your fishing gear to a minimum, this is an ideal choice.

Best Carp Barrow on a Budget


This fishing barrow from Fox Hunter is inexpensive, but it has a lot of great features. First up, it can fold up into your car and van so this barrow doesn't take up too much space. It also has swivelling feet on the back to help keep the barrow level at lakeside. Also, it has pneumatic tires that will go just about anywhere. To top it off, this barrow comes with a barrow bag for even more space.

The secure steel construction of this barrow means that you can really pack it full. The frame will hold all your gear nice and tightly. The tires and the long handles will provide stability even if you do really weigh this barrow down. Overall, this carp fishing barrow is strong and can hold an impressive amount of fishing gear.

The Best Carp Barrow Waterproof Cover.


Just before we say goodbye, this barrow cover is a must-have. Some of the barrows above come with a cover, others don't! Keep your fishing gear protected with this huge barrow cover. It will fit any barrow above, but also any other barrow on the market. It's made with a tough material that is easy to clean and completely waterproof. It also has elastic straps to secure it to your barrow easily, even in a sudden downpour. If you've ever had a soggy bacon sandwich sitting in your bivvy because it rained while you were getting your gear to your peg, you need this barrow cover! If you haven't had a soggy bacon sarnie, you don't want one!

Well, there is our list of the best carp barrows in the UK right now. Don't forget to explore our website further for loads of fishing tackle, tips and buyers guides. We have all the fishing products and articles you need to catch more fish and have fun on the bank!

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