TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy – 2020 Complete Review

TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy - 2020 Full Review

TFG Force 8 2 man

TF Gear state that they are revolutionising Carp Fishing Shelters and seem to be going down the quick erect / pop up style shelters that are ever increasingly more popular. The latest models include their Airflo / MK3 ranges of bivvy that feature quick inflate ‘air poles’. TF gear appear to be constantly developing new features within their bivvy range. This suggests that this is a company which strives to be a major player in the fishing shelter market.

This article however isn’t going to review any of the latest models or indeed TF Gear itself, but instead will take a look at one of TF Gears classics that still proves a popular purchase today. The popular bivvy im referring to is the TFG Force 8 2 man Bivvy.

Strapped for time?

If you don't have much time to read the whole article, then please see below for our rating and pros/ cons of the TFG Force 8 2 man Bivvy. 

TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy Review

List of Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to erect - For us 2 minutes on average once you have the knack.
  • Very spacious, 2 bed chairs with all the gear and still some room!
  • In built ground sheet and separate (porch type) front is very handy
  • The double skin is great to regulate temperature and limit condensation
  • Window flaps that open downwards is a sensible feature
  • Amazing Value for Money


  • The toggles on the zips come off quite easily as they are plastic, not metal.
  • The supplied pegs could be better, we reverted to heavy duty pegs.
  • The poles are thinner than other bivvies on the market
  • A very slight learning curve to get the knack of putting up / down.

Product Name - Summary

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5





For it's price tag, the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy is punching well above its weight. The speed, the space and its value make it still one of our favourite bivvy's on the market today.

bivvy pegs

As stated in the pros & cons, we recommend you purchase some heavy duty pegs if using this bivvy. We use the 21cm long, heavy duty pegs by NGT which come in its own bag as a set of 10. If interested, you can purchase them here.

Putting up the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy

The official full description of the TFG Force 8 2 Man bivvy state that it can be fully erected in 20 seconds. No doubt the manufacturers of this product would be a dab hand, however we struggled to put the bivvy up in less than 2 minutes. This is  still extremely fast and obviously allows more valuable time on setting up the rest of your gear and to get fishing as soon as possible.

The technology behind this quick setup capability is the bivvy's revolutionary central hub system that quickly pulls its flexible ribs into place. Once in place it is then just a simple matter of sliding the Flash-Touch power lock into position and this all season shelter is ready to go.

Check out this video by Carpology showing a  demo of how quick the bivvy is to setup as well as a touch on some of the other features:

As stated in the video the twin skin on the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy aims to maximise comfort by creating a warm, insulated and condensation free environment making it fully functional in all weathers. 

The integrated porch area is another fantastic feature of this bivvy. There are always time when I want to protect items from the elements but dont want to put them inside the bivvy. This feature also gives the added protection to the inside of the bivvy when bursting through the door for a run when its raining.

The 2 main caveats to this bivvy are relatively minor but equally should be considered. Firstly the toggles on the zips are made of plastic making them fairly weak. We experienced one of these toggles breaking when used a couple of times and talking to other users they experienced the same.

The second weak point to the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy isnt the actual shelter itself but its with the pegs that are supplied with it. They are simply strong enough for sustained use, especially in extreme weather and as such we found ourselves purchasing some heavy duty pegs for ease and additional sturdiness.

TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy Full Features, Specifications & Dimensions

  • Supplied with carry bag
  • Erect in under 20 seconds ( 2minutes for us)
  • Totally waterproof
  • Super strong ribs will combat the worst gales and heavy winds
  • Porch gives extra storage and shelter
  • Built in groundsheet ensures total protection
  • Heavy duty materials will give years of service
  • Twin skinned – extra warm in winter – cool in the summer
  • 8,000mm hydrostatic head
  • Dimensions W260cm, D280cm, H150cm
  • Weight 10.9kg

Summary & Conclusions:

For it's price tag, the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy is punching well above its weight. We certainly enjoyed using it and know of many other like-minded users. The speed, the space and its value still make it one of our favourite bivvy's on the market today and one which we thoroughly recommend.

Again, if you would like to purchase the heavy duty pegs we recommend to go alongside this bivvy you can do so here.

Thank you so much for your time on reading our review on the TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy.

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