Carp Tent Buyers Guide | 2020 Latest Products Reviewed

carp tent
carp tent

Carp Tent Buyers Guide | 2020 Latest Products Reviewed 

Carp fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing. If you often find yourself at the mercy of the weather whilst carp fishing, you should definitely invest in a carp tent / bivvy. 

On your quest for carp, it is important that you are comfortable for those long sessions, especially when you fish through the night. A carp tent, or bivvy, is a dedicated shelter that is used for both day and night fishing. It can be opened up during the day to allow anglers to take shelter from the elements and closed at night for a comfortable night's sleep. It is an essential piece of kit and will drastically improve your enjoyment when fishing for carp, keeping you and your gear protected from the wind and rain.

With a huge variety on the market, the aim of this article is to provide you with the information you need to ensure that the carp tent / bivvy you buy suits your style of fishing.

Strapped for time?

If you dont have much time to read the whole article, we have a multitude of carp tents on eTackle that you can view by clicking on the button below. We have also summarised our best, recommended carp tents in the following table for convenience.

BEST Pram hood carp tent

BEST brolly style carp tent

Trakker Armo V4 Carp Tent

Trakker MC-60 Brolly V2

Price: Approx £530  

Price: Approx £210

Best fast erect carp tent

Best overall carp tent

TF Gear Force 8 Carp Tent

Trakker Armo V4 Carp Tent

Price: Approx £200

Price: Approx £530

As with all areas of fishing equipment, carp tents are extremely versatile and come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. From one-man lightweight day shelters to two-man dedicated overnight camping tents, carp tents ensure that anglers keep warm and dry, no matter what the unpredictable Great British weather has to throw at them.

For anglers to fish at their most effective level, it is very important that they are comfortable.

Whether it’s a warm summer’s night or a bitterly cold winter afternoon, a quality carp tent needs to have the following qualities:

  • Keep you and your tackle protected from the elements
  • Be lightweight and easy to transport
  • Be quick and easy to assemble
  • Be large enough to hold your gear and your bedchair
  • Be durable and long-lasting
  • The front can be opened for easy access to your rods
  • Keep you warm during the night

Types of Carp Tents

If you’re a seasoned carp angler looking for a new carp tent, or a newcomer to the sport of carp fishing bewildered at the variety of carp tents on offer, below we outline the different styles of bivvy and what they are used for:

Pram Hood Carp Tents

JRC Extreme

Pram hood carp tents are great for long sessions by the water’s edge. They are spacious, very stable and are great for keeping anglers warm and dry. Perfect for all seasons, pram hoods are very simple to erect. It simply folds out in the manner of a pram hood after which it is designed. As they are much more substantial compared to brolly tents, pram hood tents are often the choice of anglers who night fish.  This is because it offers the greatest protection from the elements and allows anglers to enjoy their time on the bank in relative luxury. An additional skin can be added to the outside of the carp tent to insulate it and also helps to prevent the build-up of condensation.

Brolly Style Carp Tents

trakker mc-60

Brolly style carp tents are very popular with carp anglers that fish through the day. They are essentially a large open brolly that is rested on the ground with sidewalls for additional protection from the wind and rain. Although they offer less protection from pram hood carp tents, they are large enough to accommodate a bedchair and will ensure anglers are comfortable whilst waiting for their rods to spring into action.

Fast Erect Carp Tents

TFG Force 8 2 man

 Fast erect carp tents are suited to the more mobile angler. They are essentially a slimmed-down, lightweight shelter that is very simple and quick to assemble. What they lack in creature comforts, in comparison to the more equipped pram head and brolly style bivvy's, they more than makeup in terms of convenience, accessibility and ease of transportation. Within minutes of arriving at the bank, anglers can erect their bivvy very quickly and be fishing much faster compared to the larger carp shelters.

Carp Tent Material and Components

When searching for a bivvy, it is essential that you take the quality of materials used into account. As carp tents are exposed to the elements of the Great British weather, the materials used should be durable, long-lasting and waterproof, after all, the material is what is protecting you from the wind and rain. A cheap bivvy that is made from poor quality materials can be susceptible to leaking; instantly dampening the mood of the fishing trip that you have been looking forward to.

It is common for carp tent manufacturers to use a material called 210 denier fabric. Denier is the fineness or density of the fabric and is more than adequate to keep anglers warm and dry whilst fishing. On your search for a bivvy, you may also find that some brands use their own specially designed fabric. These fabrics will be used on top-end products and claim to be highly breathable, durable and waterproof, however, there isn't much difference compared to the non-branded fabrics.

The level of protection you need depends on the type of angler you are. If you frequently go on long carping sessions in inclement weather, then you will need to look for the hydrostatic head rating. The hydrostatic head measurement tells you the strength of the material and how much water it can handle before it begins to leak. For example, a rating of 5000mm is able to withstand 5 metres of water at a time.


Carp tents or bivvies tend to come in one and two-man versions. Before you decide on the size of the bivvy you would like to purchase, you should consider how much gear and tackle you use when fishing, as you will need a place to store your gear for night fishing and in bad weather. As there usually isn’t that much of a difference in price between the two sizes, we recommend you choose a two-man version, even if you fish alone, after all, comfort is key to the longevity and enjoyment when fishing for a long time.

When choosing the right carp tent, you should ask yourself three questions; what type of venue are you going to fish? How long are you going to be fishing for? How much gear will you be taking? To help you decide, we have compiled a range of the most popular carp tents currently on the market, featuring pram hoods tents, brolly tents, and quick erection tents:

Our Top Rated Carp Tents

JRC Extreme

Pram Hood

The JRC Extreme TX is JRC’s next generation of its legendary TX carp tents. The Extreme TX is a dependable and rugged carp tent that offers the best in class high-quality materials and protection against the elements. Made from JRC’s breathable and waterproof Hydra-Tex material, the Extreme TX boasts a hydrostatic head rating 20000mm which gives anglers who take on the roughest conditions the confidence that they will remain warm and dry.

Built around a two rib frame with two break points, the Extreme TX is very light and easy to set up. Offering endless versatility, the zip-off front panel can be adjusted to a variety of door settings and can be completely taken off to create a brolly style tent, ensuring easy access to your rods and tackle.

Trakker Armo v4

Pram Hood

The Armo V4 bivvy is among the latest products to be released in the iconic Trakker product line. Packed with the best quality materials and latest technologies, and a price tag to match, the Armo V4 is the ultimate bankside shelter for the solo angler.

Featuring Trakker’s Adaptive Ventilation technology, the Armo 4 keeps anglers cool during the summer months and keeps condensation to a bare minimum by circulating air through the carp tent. Its high-quality Aquatexx fabric is extremely durable and offers exceptional waterproof protection, giving anglers the confidence to fish in any type of weather. From the hottest summer day to the coldest winter night, the Armo V4 provides anglers with an extremely comfortable, spacious, and rugged fishing shelter. A real winner with us.

Pukkr Two-Man Carp Fishing Tent

Fast Erect

The Pukkr carp tent is a lightweight quick erect waterproof day shelter that is very popular with anglers that are new to the sport and those on a budget that fish long sessions during the day. Priced at the lower end of the market, the Pukkr carp tent offers a great selection of features. Coated with a water repellent surface to help you stay warm and dry, the tent comes with a carry bag, a detachable waterproof groundsheet, and a zipper locked door, ensuring you are protected from the elements. Perfect for mobile anglers, the Pukkr carp tent is extremely lightweight and can be assembled in as little as 3 minutes.

force 8 lite

Fast Erect

The TF Gear Force 8 Speed Lite bivvy is a lightweight shelter which is perfect for weekend anglers and hardened winter carpers. With an assembly time of less than one minute, the carp tent is designed to get you fishing with minimum fuss. Anglers of all types are able to enjoy long fishing sessions in the fully protected, waterproof, robust and durable Force Lite, no matter what the Great British weather has to throw at it.

As with all TF Gear products, quality is guaranteed, and the Force Lite is no exception. With high-grade oxford nylon guaranteeing the fabric is 100% waterproof, the Force Lite boasts an impressive 3000mm  hydrostatic head rating, making it a great choice for any angler that is looking for a high-quality, lightweight bivvy.

trakker mc-60

Brolly Style

The Trakker MC-60 Brolly offers everything anglers will need from a basic bankside shelter. Quick to assemble, lightweight, and portable. The MC-60 offers optimum stability due to the four rear spears resting on its base and provides a robust, high-quality product that is well worth the investment

The MC-60 brolly is made from 210 D PU coated polyester with an impressive 10000mm hydrostatic head rating for maximum durability and water resistance. With taped seams and storm wings, the shelter provides anglers full protection against the elements. Whether it's a short session on your local lake or an overnight carping session, anglers can be certain that the only thing getting wet will be their landing net.

TFG Force 8 2 man

Fast Erect

The TF Gear Force 8 is the world's quickest erecting bivvy. With an assembly time of less than 20 seconds, the Force 8 sets the standard for quality and performance. Its innovative central hub system ensures that the Force 8 is fast and easy to erect. By simply sliding the Flash-Touch power lock into position, anglers are able to protect themselves from the elements as soon as they get to the bank.

Not to be confused with its lighter counterpart, the Force 8 Speed Lite, the Force 8 carp tent is a super-steady, heavy-duty fishing shelter perfect for fishing for multiple days at a time. With an integrated front porch, the Force 8 effortlessly provides you with extra storage space for your tackle and wet clothing, allowing you to relax in comfort whilst you wait for your rods to spring into action. Additionally, its built-in groundsheet ensures complete protection from the rain and its two skins ensure that you stay warm in the coldest weather Britain has to offer, yet condensation free in the summer.  You can check out our full review of the Force 8 bivvy here.

fort knox

Pram Hood

Mk Fishing’s Fort Knox range is one of Europe’s best-selling carp tent ranges. Whether you’re fishing through the British winter or continental carping in the summer, the Fort Knox carp tent uses heavy-duty, yet breathable, fabric that will keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer. With a hydrostatic head rating of 10000mm, the Fort Knox is extremely durable, waterproof, and temperature-stable. The front of the carp tent is also equipped with a multifunctional door; allowing you to choose between a mosquito net and a transparent door opening depending on where you’re fishing.

The Fort Knox can comfortably accommodate two anglers and all their gear, as a result of the 4x skeleton frame construction which provides the occupants with a room height of 1.65 metres. Combined with the enlarged awning, the Fort Knox is a high-quality, robust piece of kit that will provide carp anglers years of comfortable and reliable fishing, fully protected from the elements.

If you are looking to purchase your next bivvy, or for more information on fishing shelters, check out our bivvies and shelters page at eTackle.

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