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tfg force 8 2 man bivvy

TFG Force 8 2 Man Bivvy – 2020 Complete Review

This article will take a look at one of TF Gears classics that still proves a popular purchase today. The popular bivvy being referred to is the TFG Force 8 2 man Bivvy and this review will provide pros & cons and an overall rating of this popup shelter.

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Middy mx-100v2

The 5 Best Fishing Chairs With Rod Rest | 2020 Updated Review

With the unpredictability of fishing, waiting for your rods to spring into action can be a tiresome task, especially if you are not properly supported. Fishing chairs offer the best of both worlds; with the practicality of a seat box and the comfort levels of a lounge chair.

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Bad Back

The 5 Best Fishing Bedchairs For Bad Backs

This article will advise on our top 5 Best Fishing Bedcahirs For Bad Backs. The right bedchair is crucial so you can concentrate on the fish and not your back. This article recommends some products that may suit you.

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pole maintenance

How to Maintain Your Fishing Pole (a complete guide)

A fishing pole is a valued possession for any fisherman who enjoys this type of fishing. Learn how to maintain your fishing pole and keep it in top condition and maximise its performance on every session.

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margin pole

The Best Poles for Margin Fishing (a complete guide)

The margins of a water are so under-estimated in the angling world. Fishing a pole in the margin is one of the best tactics you can deploy to maximise your fish haul and this article will help decide on the right pole for you.

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